ATC Schedule • 9-15 September 2019

Region changes will occur around 0600Z as the previous region’s activity comes to an end.


ATC now features an airport each week! This airport will remain open throughout the entire week except for during the FNF. Each airport featured is one of 2017's busiest airports.

This week’s featured airport is:

Shanghai Pudong International Airport [ZSPD]

Shanghai Pudong is one of two major airports in Shanghai and the busiest HUB in China. With it’s primary purpose being international routes, ZSPD’s reach spans to nearly every part of the world. The airport continues to grow and is able to with ease thanks to 5 large parallel runways and a ramp with a seemingly endless capacity for heavy passenger and cargo haulers! Join us this week as we explore the international and domestic destinations out of Shanghai!


Monday: Jakarta (WIII), Manado (WAMM), Juanda (WARR), Medan (WIMM), Denpasar (WADD), Batam (WIDD), Pekanbaru (WIBB)
Featured Airline: Lion Air

Tuesday: Anchorage (PANC), Hong Kong (VHHH), Tokyo-Narita (RJAA), Osaka-Kansai (RJBB), Seoul (RKSI), Taipei (RCTP)
Featured Airline: China Cargo Airlines

Wednesday: Auckland (NZAA), Sydney (YSSY), Los Angeles (KLAX), Christchurch (NZCH), Queenstown (NZQN), Brisbane (YBBN)
Featured Airline: Air New Zealand

Thursday: Singapore (WSSS), Bangkok (VTBS), Phuket (VTSP), Chennai (VOMM), Dubai (OMDB), Delhi (VIDP), Hanoi (VVNB)
Featured Airline: Singapore Airlines

Friday: Friday Night Flight - TBD!

Saturday: Beijing Capital (ZBAA), Chengdu (ZUUU), Guangzhou (ZGGG), Haikou (ZJHK), Chongqing (ZUCK), Changchun (ZYCC)
Featured Airline: Air China

Amsterdam (EHAM) by AirBridge Cargo
Luxembourg (ELLX) by Cargolux
Vienna (LOWW) by China Southern Cargo
Leipzig (EDDP) by DHL/AeroLogic
Frankfurt (EDDF) by Lufthansa Cargo
Cologne Bonn (EDDK) by UPS
Bonus - Istanbul (LTFM) by Turkish Airlines Cargo
Featured Theme: European Cargo

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