ATC Schedule • 8-14 Oct 18


Just finished one of the worlds longest flight that kicks off tomorrow. From Newark KEWR TO Singapore Wsss you guess it on Singapore airlines. 18 1/2 hours those winds were hounding up to 190 mph almost didn’t make it.


Well that’s good did you enjoy it


Alright, to be frank, I think that Infinite should have changed the schedule. Everyone has school at this time of the year. You guys have to smarten up sometimes. :(


Unless you’re in school 24 hours a day there is still time to participate every day. 🙂


Yes i agree but still, take into account that we have homework. :0


I don’t think your homework is Tyler’s priority…


yes i know


I’m not quite following but you’re welcome to provide constructive feedback by PM’ing me anytime.


Ok thank you.


Quite often, I’ll set up a three of four hour flight before starting homework, do my homework while cruising and then finish up before descent :)


I often do a similar thing. I am in 7th grade so not too much homework but I go to private school so it is definitely more homework than other schools. I only have about 1 1/2 - 2 hours of homework, so I do a shorter flight, and sometimes, I will play a little bit in the morning, get a long haul in the air, and while I am at school, let it fly.


Well looks like RJAA is currently getting all the shine…


Interesting! Never even knew there was an ATC schedule haha


I think the FNF this week would have been better in Spain, since it is your national day October 12 would not have been wrong to do an FNF there (my opinion)


My Scheduled Flights:

I dint want to miss doing Abu Dhabi and Doha too so I made a list for multiple flights today with the spectacular scenery in the Middle East.


that way I’ll be able to experience the whole of the Middle East


Why does OMDB have 111 arrivals?


Because everyone wants to fly their.


That could be it


Sorry for people at OMDB about half an hour ago, my live connection was spotty for some reason. It seemed to fix itself toward the back end of my session. Thanks for coming everyone!


And yet you did, how awesome.