ATC Schedule • 8-14 Oct 18


Just a tip pilots: in real life…

Pilots usually only put on the strobe lights ONLY if they are crossing a runway, about to get on a runway, during flight. NOT at the gate or during taxi and…

Engines are usually not started at the gate.

Just a FYI… happy skies ✌🏼🛫🛬🛩


This schedule is very nice! Can’t wait for saturday!


Can you share me , your favorite route?


Wow, I just realized Canada was on the schedule today for Canadian Thanksgiving xD

Happy Thanksgiving to all Canadians out there :)


Something tells me that this week i will discover new airports


I have not flew into them yet but I will be planning KSFO-KBOI and KDEN-KJAC.


Can we have EGLL, because we never have it, or EVRA because it’s my hometown 😺


We just had it last week as the FNF. The classic fields way too popular anyway. Now Riga, that I would like to see and I’m not sure it has ever been featured either. That would be a great way to feature Air Baltic too.


I agree with you @LaroseRoyce .
It annoys me when I see pilots taxiing with strobe lights on.


Interesting ATC Schedule this week once again Tyler! Cant wait to enjoy more ATC service by the wonderful people at IFATC!


I Hope, Wish and Pray that Bangkok and Delhi gets some extra love tomorrow and not only SIN & HKG.

I’d be great if IFATC could try to spread out as much as possible so traffic has to spread out as well and cover the beautiful South + Southeast Asia ❤️✈️


what may be the most featured airport for wednesday? thanks guys I am planning flight plan:)


WSSS or VHHH are most likley going to be it, those two are very popular.


Go to VHHH. I’m headed there now. Should land in 12hrs 17mins. 😜


VHHH is my hometown, so I’ll be controlling there soon :)


Where will be this week fnf ?


It will be announced between Thursday 1600Z and Friday 0700Z


Unless you are all ready adept at some late evening or night taxiing just wait until IF eventually gets acceptable rwy lighting and then you will really see how much the strobe lights will bother you, like twin spotlights in your eyes, so it is best the non conformists and noobies learn now before their recidivistic misuse might be a considered a violation !


Inbound to VVTS from EDDF. ETA about 1hr.


Thats a nice schedule with ATC good thinking i like the way you splidded it up with the other contenenits