ATC Schedule • 8-14 Oct 18


To bad my home airport CYWG is not on the list tomorrow I wonder if it will ever be there it is a class bravo


Is it just me or do we go to India a lot?


Ultra long haul week !!! Love the schedule tyler!!! Thank you for covering all parts of the globe, all in one week!!! You can bet I’m gonna be doing a lot of 15+ hour flights!!!


Lol too bad RJGG isn’t featured on Thursday…


Very nice schedule, I will be loooking forward to flying and controlling all over Canada on Monday


Looks great as always.


Amazing ! IOMDB It is one of my favorite airport


Alright Wyoming, Idaho and Montana, this will be fun. I am expanding my US domestic routes.


will someone please open gander airport tomorrow!!!


My home airport VIDP


Please don’t request for an airport to be open. IFATC is all volunteer and sometimes we can’t staff every airport. It all depends on what everyone’s got going on.


My first full week as IFATC. Can’t wait, great schedule


Best schedule ever love flying air canada + favourite airports :)


Nagoya, right.
Hopefully it’ll be added some time in the future again. I’m still going to fly to Chubu with Singapore, so expect to see me in Malaysian Airlines, ANA and Singapore Airlines that day.

No matter where you go in Japan, it’s a beautiful to visit, every city, every piece of landscape, I’m really looking forward to head over to Sapporo, Hokkaido ;)

And @Darius_Glover, That’s great news, Hope to see you controlling, we will surely cross paths :)


My Infinite Flight Schedule: 8th-14th October 2018

Sunday 7th:

NZAA-CYVR (ANZ 777-300ER) (ANZ24)

Monday 8th:

CYVR-CYOW (ACA A319-100) (ACA342)

CYOW-CYYC (ACA A319-100) (ACA353)

CYYC-CYUL (ACA A319-100) (ACA322)

CYUL-CYHZ (ROU A319-100) (ROU1692)

CYHZ-CYYZ (ACA A319-100) (ACA619)

CYYZ-EPWA (LOT 787-8) (LOT46)

Tuesday 9th:




LHBP-LTBA-VIDP (THY 737-900, THY 777-300ER) (THY1034, THY716)

Wednesday 10th:

VIDP-VTBS (JAI 737-900) (JAI66)

VTBS-VHHH (CPA 777-300ER) (CPA708)

VHHH-VVTS (CPA 777-300ER) (CPA767)

VVTS-WSSS (JSA A320-200) (JSA558)

WSSS-VTBS-RJCC (THA 777-300ER) (THA410, THA670)

Thursday 11th:

RJCC-RJOO (JAL 737-800) (JAL2016)

RJOO-RJFF (ANA 777-300ER) (ANA421)

RJFF-ROAH (APJ A320-200) (ABJ289)

RAOH-RJAA (ANA 777-200ER) (ANA2158)

Friday 12th:

RJAA-FNF (FNF Specified Aircraft) (FA Specified Callsign)

FNF-OMAA (FA Specified Aircraft) (FA Specified Callsign)

Saturday 13th:



OMDB-EGLL-KLAS (BAW 777-200ER, BAW 747-400) (BAW106, BAW275)

Sunday 14th:

KLAS-KSLC-KJAC (DAL A319-100) (DAL1783, DAL924)





KSLC-MONHUB (FA Specified Aircraft) (FA Specified Callsign)


Yay! Finally Dubai! Thanks for that amazing schedule Tyler!


I Will arrive in Vancouver at 17:00 (London time zone) from Frankfurt whit a 787-9 air Canada


I know this is a very small detail but RJOO is Osaka’s DOMESTIC Airport. RJFO is also limited to just DOMESTIC operations. So only Japanese carriers should be seen. RJCC,RJFF,and ROAH are all have small international services to places such as South Korea and China. I recommend the Peach A320 at ROAH. And I’m pretty sure most of you know this but RJAA is the main international and cargo hub. Keep that in mind for pure realism.


Thought I’d give a little shout out to CYHZ… which happens to be open ;) (Shh, don’t tell :P)


Nice to see the ETIHAD’s main hub OMAA😊