ATC Schedule • 8-14 July 2019



Region changes will occur around 0600Z as the previous region’s activity comes to an end.

XCub World Tour


This week we’ll travel the world and stop in some of the most GA-friendly regions of the world. While exploring the planet we’ll also learn how to integrate the world of commercial and general aviation. Be sure you use an appropriate airport for your chosen aircraft and always follow ATC instructions. The ATIS and/or controller will provide you with key information like aircraft restrictions, winds that may exceed your aircraft’s limitations, and runways in use. Happy Cubbing!


Monday: White Plains (KHPN), Farmingdale (KFRG), Oxford (KOXC), Stratford (KBDR), Teterboro (KTEB), Danbury (KDXR), Stewart (KSWF)

Tuesday: Geneva (LSGG), Sion (LSGS), Bern (LSZB), Zurich (LSZH), Vienna (LOWW) St. Moritz (LSZS)

Wednesday: Johannesburg (FAOR), Cape Town (FACT), Moshoeshoe (FXMM), Maputo (FQMA), Durban (FALE), Port Elizabeth (FAPE), Atananarivo (FMMI)

Tasmania: Hobart (YMHB), Cambridge (YCBG), Launceston (YMLT)
East AU: Gold Coast (YBCG), Sunshine Coast (YBSU), Brisbane (YBBN)
New Zealand: Nelson (NZNS), Wellington (NZWN), Auckland (NZAA)

Friday: To Be Announced!

Saturday: Juneau (PAJN), Anchorage (PANC), Victoria (CYYJ), Bellingham (KBLI), Boeing Field (KBFI), Abbotsford (CYXX)

Bay Area: San Francisco (KSFO), Palo Alto (KPAO), Reid Hillview (KRHV), Oakland (KOAK), Livermore (KLVK)
LA: Los Angeles (KLAX), Van Nuys (KVNY), Santa Monica (KSMO), Fullerton (KFUL) Long Beach (KLGB)

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