ATC Schedule • 8-14 April 2019

Region changes will occur around 0600Z as the previous region’s activity comes to an end.


ATC now features an airport each week! This airport will remain open throughout the entire week except for during the FNF. Each airport featured is one of 2017's busiest airports.

This week’s featured airport is:

Chicago O’Hare International Airport [KORD]

With it’s beginnings as a military installation, O’Hare was the first planned major post-war airport and featured never before seen concepts like concourses, direct access to the terminal, jet bridges, and underground refueling systems. ORD quickly became the world’s busiest airport of the jet age and held that title for over 30 years, even today holding the rank of 6th busiest airport in the world with nearly 80M passengers each year. With 8 runways and a destination map that reaches every corner of the world, you’ll have no problem finding a flight for you!


Monday: Hong Kong (VHHH), Shanghai (ZSPD), Anchorage (PANC), Taipei (RCTP), Memphis (KMEM)
Featured Theme: Cargo

Tuesday: Buffalo (KBUF), Dayton (KDAY), Des Moines (KDSM), Kansas City (KMCI), Flint (KFNT)
Featured Airline: United Express

Wednesday: ATC Choice!

Thursday: Doha (OTHH), Beirut (OLBA), Lahore (OPLA), Ankara (LTAC), Sofia (LBSF)
Featured Airline: Qatar Airways

Friday: Friday Night Flight Community Event

Event details posted on Thursdays

Saturday: Denver (KDEN), John Wayne (KSNA), San Jose (KSJC), Portland (KPDX), Las Vegas (KLAS)
Featured Airline: United Airlines

Spirit: Dallas (KDFW), Fort Lauderdale (KFLL), New Orleans (KMSY)
Frontier: Atlanta (KATL), Cancun (MMUN), Orlando (KMCO)
Featured Theme: Spirit vs Frontier!

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