ATC Schedule • 7-13 January 2019


Anyone think ENGM is a safe bet to fly to Saturday


Today’s ATC lesson after just controlling!

With Friday Night Flight, and MANY popular locations, we will most likely have Straight Out Departure in the ATIS. This will mean that you will fly the runway heading out at a pretty much straight line away (give or take 20 degrees). It is very important that you do so.

Out of six reports at EHAM, five of them were straight out departure issues where the departure turned right after taking off and into traffic.


I can see that you did very well vectoring everyone around, making it as realistic as possible which something I really like. I’m not that familiar with the procedurs when landing at 15L/R and 16, so I’m happy that you guided me around correctly. I’ve always found myself inbound at Seoul when RWY 33L/R & 34 are in use 😊

I always avoid North Korean airspace when bound for South Korea. I follow the checkpoints real life planes follow when closing in on the Korean Peninsula.

Lastly, I didn’t know you are Korean…, 안녕하세요! 🙏


63 people clicked the link. That’s promising 😊


Well done @Jonathan_limento
Great job in Amsterdam


Hello everyone who was at EGPD today, really want to apologize to everyone as I was controlling the incorrect airport than I had intended to, EGPD instead of EPGD, sorry if I confused some of you. :(




Love it when Boston is in. Should do one with PWM, BOS, JFK, EWR, LGA


Then you leave them on the whole flight right?


Yes! Strobes on only during flight, crossing or on a runway!


Sweet. Lights are always confusing. Thanks for clarification!


well see ya all soon !

well 8 and a half hours isn’t that soon…


what grounf frequency should we use in atlanta KATL


Whichever one ATIS says


atis never said and the second frequency must have been a controller switch. I’m in the air now so the pooint is mute i guess.


I guess when it says “multiple frequencies in use” then contact whichever one. If you do contact the wrong one, they usually hand you off to the other one.

I did notice that it specifies which approach to contact, so for anyone who who is inbound, do read that please ;)


yup id did notice that


Does anybody know at what time they upload new ATC schedule


It varies really, depending on how busy Tyler is.

Be patient, it’ll come out soon.


OMG! People are at KJAX!!!