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Should I avoid North Korean Airspace?
My Flight Plan takes me directly above North Korea


If you want to be realistic, I think it would be better to avoid flying North Korean airspace. Usually Transpacific flights (which are bound to Seoul) go through Japanese airspace, before turning right towards Korean peninsula (Usually from southeast direction)

But if you only want to do an ordinary flight, it’s totally fine to pass through N.Korean airspace. Actually it’s much more faster as you don’t need to detour through Japan and Sea of Japan.

Hope it helps! 😉


Thanks, might as well pass through North Korea then. I’ll be landing at Seoul soon!


Lol, longest flight!?!?

I am currently doing an ULH


The quality of live controllers seems to have got worse recently. Today I was told to check help pages and threatened with a ghosting for requesting to taxi from a stand that had markings allowing off-stand taxi.


I don’t think he noticed you right there. If you were ghosted I’m sure he’ll understand why. Sometimes they are just too busy and don’t notice.


That’s why we have this community too. You can always find the controllers name here, create a PM with them and let them know what happened. Once they are done controlling, they will get back to you and will be happy to discuss with you about your issue.

That’s something we really encourage! Don’t be afraid to message the controller. If you feel worried, you can add a moderator too.


I cant find the controllers profile. KLE the active controller was called.

Why expert server empty everytime ?

Please PM and discuss with @Lueri, he was the active controller.


Apologies to anyone that was making their way into RKSI this morning around 9am-12am EST. We had some crazy wind issues going on to get everyone in.

It was literally like we had put some string out the window of the ATC and were just flying kites out there. I watched an A380 have a GS of 60kts, and a 78X going 30kts, aimed at a 90-degree angle of the runway, land in the crazies crab hop ive ever seen


how is that even possible…


Have never seen it before! Winds apparently got stuck at 160+ kts on a crosswind to the runway, so anyone coming in was stuck at the same winds they were getting at cruise. @MaximV got a cool pic of it coming in with his heading going at about 75degrees of the nose of the aircraft whenever he’s on


Wow. I’m glad I decided not to fly there this morning 😂


Interestingly, my Simbrief route automatically routed me around NK airspace, though from the west over China.


In real life, most Seoul-bound transpacific flights fly over Japanese airspace and comes from southeast direction of Seoul. Meanwhile European flights (coming from West) will be routed through Eastern China (via Qingdao) to avoid conflict with Dalian (Chinese military site) and NK airspace.

It’s possible to use the west corridor routes instead of eastern one, but it’s pretty rare to see (for Transpac flights).


SimBrief automatically follows real life flight tracks, SIDs and STARs. Since these don’t go over NK, it doesn’t. :)


Hello, do you have IFATC Lee 3440 IFC call sign. Ty DLVA702. I’m inbound to RKSI


@IFATCLee3440 is your guy I believe :)


I paid much effort to make more realistic experiences because here is my local.

  • Especially “Do not cross R270 YJU” (If you cross, you can meet Kim lol)
  • Right traffic only

Thanks for posting! @Captain_JR I really appriciated it!


Yeah I have to say that landing into RKSI yesterday was…welll…interesting to say the least :)