ATC Schedule • 7-13 January 2019


FMEE is my new favorite airport in the world seriously. Thank you for including it this week. I will definitely be going back there


Just flew in myself. The views at 43,000ft were amazing! It’ll be back soon. 🙂


Gorgeous scenery, great terrain, and fun runways. Props to the controllers there today.


I decided to go for a scenery flight myself : )

Descending back to FMEE after cruising at 43,000 ft. and loved the view of Reunion and Port. Louis while ascending


What airport will be controlled first in the morning? Trying to file a FLP



Your best bet would be EHAM as that is the featured airport all week.

IFATC have the choice on which airports they open that are featured on the schedule, so just fly to one of them and you have a chance of getting IFATC.


Thank you!


Awesome idea guys.


No kidding! i took off and ive never had that many problems with a 78X. the rudder could barely keep me in control lifting off 24, the engines were going nuts on ascent for the first 5k feet.

highly suggest using a runway without crosswind


VNLK is currently open for a bit if you would like to come see Everest or just fly a sketchy pattern ;)



Will come by in a bit. Just currently descending into KDEN, but I’ll be there if you are still open, once I land.


Is there anyway to do Expert at BDL


Hey @David_Beaulieu,

If you haven’t done so already you will have to apply and take the tests to become a IFATC controller on the Expert Server.

All the information you need can be found in the topic I’ve linked below:


Please contact @aceorbit.


I would recommend DMing him rather than publicly shaming him. Typically goes over better.
Send a DM to @Aceorbit.


I set up a PM with you two in it just now.


Can’t believe tomorrow will be RKSI!
I’ll be flying in from Manchester, NH, longest flight I’ve done :)


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This is just legendary work done by @RiKowalSkipper who’s been controlling RKSI/ICN (Seoul, Incheon Int’l) for more than 4hrs. That’s some incredibly crazy dedication and I love it. Many many thanks for vectoring me around Seoul, for a wonderful approach. All was smooth and flawless, it’s nothing but the exceptional service you guys (IFATC) provide us pilts with that makes the flying experience sooooo much more fun ❤

Ps. I happened to love that I got vectored in a circle around the Incheon Airport, got some good screenshots in the process of doing so 😁


Pro-tip for those flying to or near the Korean Peninsula: avoid North Korean airspace.