ATC Schedule • 7-13 January 2019


was spotting at KPDK earlier today :)


I hope somebody opens up at Dhaka (VGHS) on Wednesday, I don’t think it’s ever been serviced by IFATC before. I’d love to fly into my hometown.


Finally Seychelles Island! Featured! Been waiting for so long

ATC Schedule • 31 Dec 18 - 6 Jan 19

Did somebody say Newark???
( ͡ ° ͜ʖ ͡ °)


NICE let us fill up ENGM on Saturday guys !!!


Love this schedule! Big thanks to you guys!


Boston my home airport can’t wait!


Why is Andorra in blue if it doesn’t have an airport?


Very nice schedule! I can not wait for Saturday. The whole schedule is very interesting and exciting! 😉


It has been on the schedule a couple of times fairly recently and it is a great airport to fly out of!


Hi Guys, isn’t CDG on the featured airport lists for today, because right now there’s no ATC there


Hello @Carolina_Taylor,

You are correct. LFPG is on the ATC schedule for today, but you do have to keep in mind that IFATC is voluntary and controllers can be busy with real day to day life, and will open when time permits.


And maybe even busy squeezing some quick naps in between sessions


Also remember that we have just had the Christmas Holidays (which are ending today/tomorrow for most people here who go to school) - so the IFATC people will have been away over the past couple of weeks which is why there has been less coverage than usually seen each week.


With School starting on Tuesday this week. I need to prepare those annual ULH I do to be able to fly while still being at school. But in recent times school as taken over more of my time and spend a good chunk of my days hanging out with friends too. I do have a plan that has worked before, so I know how to maintain them all at once. It indeed you’ll see a decrease in the number of flights I do and my presence in ATC Active Airports. And just maybe these Airport of the week could potentially increase the amount of flight I do per week.

Now to this weeks schedule. It looks great as always, and expect to see me in KEWR on Tuesday and in EastAsia on Thursday. Very Happy to see Asians getting featured again, and to top that we have another ATC Choice, which is always a surprise around the corner. Sunday seems to be fun with Orlando in focus too, and don’t forget Saturday, it’s just brilliant to put KLM as featured when EHAM is all week ;)

Thanks for another incredible Schedule Tyler, I’ll try to do as many flights as I feel like to and are able to during the week and coming months as my studies will take up more time and are more important :)

Ps. I’ll still be active on IFC for the most part even when School starts, that part is easy to maintain :P


Thanks guys😊


Is it weird that I can only think about the turboprop noise on the Q400s keeping me up on Tuesday?
My house is right under a STAR and a couple SIDs so especially when there are Q400s it’s rather loud


EHAM should be quite windy today and tomorrow. I’m in for the challenge


Sounds like fun! Expect me there!


Landed at 21 knot winds. You can get some experience on landings and crabbing. I certainly did 😂😂