ATC Schedule • 7-13 January 2019


Sunday could have been KJAX, oh well 😣


Still can. Only three airports and a ton of controllers. There’s only a few so that ATC can choose where else they want to control. 🙂


Ooooh, that’s how it works. I was wondering how KHOU was being controlled yesterday. Thx a lot!


HOU shouldn’t have been but we addressed it internally. 😬


Excuse me as an NJ native ewr is in New Jersey (I’m being sarcastic for clarity)


Yup, I highlighted the wrong state. I’ll fix it when I’m back in the office. Thanks!


Going to and from EHAM will be fun


Poland! Warsaw airport! 🇵🇱
Looks great but, why KLM? EHAM (Amsterdam) is not event featured on this particular day.

Anyways love this schedule as always. 😉


EHAM is the featured airport of the week.

This means that it is able to be opened by IFATC any day of the week.

So you will be able to fly from EHAM to all the other airports each day.


Yesss CYQB my home airport!


EHAM will already be open so it’s a given. 🙂


Thanks for letting me know!


really like this one. EHAM is a very nice HUB as to flight planning for me, good work once again


Great schedule as always Tyler.


Great schedule!! Super excited for this week at EHAM.


Sunday’s going to be fun LOL.


NO WAY! Tuesday will be magical! 😱😱


Thursday’s one is much attractive, looking forward to join it. :-)


Wow EPWA again <3


KATL 😍 did all my training at KPDK next door