ATC Schedule • 6-12 May 2019

Region changes will occur around 0600Z as the previous region’s activity comes to an end.


ATC now features an airport each week! This airport will remain open throughout the entire week except for during the FNF. Each airport featured is one of 2017's busiest airports.

This week’s featured airport is:

Sydney Airport [YSSY]

This week we choose an airport chosen by you, the community, following a very close vote! Sydney Airport is the 42nd busiest airport in the world with service to over 43M passengers. Situated in Botany Bay in Sydney, YSSY is the home to Qantas and many others, offering routes to 46 domestic and 43 international destinations. You’ll have an opportunity to explore many parts of the world with aircraft from turboprops to heavies for those ultra long hauls.

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Monday: Auckland (NZAA), Wellington (NZWN), Christchurch (NZCH), Queenstown (NZQN), Nadi (NFFN)
Featured Airline: Air New Zealand

Tuesday: Manila (RPLL), Cebu Mactan (RPVM), Davao City (RPMD), Taiwan (RCTP), Denpasar (WADD)
Featured Airline: Cebu Pacific

Wednesday: Dubai (OMDB), Delhi (VIDP), Kolkata (VECC), Chennai (VOMM), Bangkok (VTBS)
Featured Airline: Emirates

Thursday: Beijing (ZBAA), Chengdu (ZUUU), Shanghai (ZSPD), Wuhan (ZHHH), Shenzhen (ZGSZ)
Featured Airline: Air China

Friday: Friday Night Flight Community Event

Event details posted on Thursdays

Saturday: Perth (YPPH), Melbourne (YMML), Hobart (YMHB), Brisbane (YBBN), Darwin (YPDN), Cairns (YBCS)
Featured Airline: Qantas

Sunday: Los Angeles (KLAX), Vancouver (CYVR), Honolulu (PHNL), Hong Kong (VHHH), Tokyo Narita (RJAA)
Featured Theme: Pacific Crossing

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Sydney was featured in early 2019 which was discovered after realizing I didn’t mark it off of my spreadsheet. That said, I stand by our community’s voice and appreciate everyone who voted for this week’s airport. Let’s enjoy this classic and onto new adventures the next week! ✈️

May 5th schedule: