ATC Schedule • 6-12 July 2020

Region changes will occur around 0600Z as the previous region’s activity comes to an end.



Seoul* (RKSI), Guam (PGUM), Jeju (RKPC), Hong Kong* (VHHH), Osaka (RJBB), Manila (RPLL), Shanghai Hongqiao (ZSSS), Penang (WMKP), Honolulu (PHNL - Not Mapped)

Featured Airline: Korean Airlines
Featuring the new B777-200ER to past and present Korean Airlines destinations!


Vancouver* (CYVR), Whitehorse (CYXY), Edmonton (CYEG), Fort St. John (CYXJ), Kelowna (CYLW), Prince George (CYXS), Yellowknife (CYZF), Regina (CYQR)

Featured Airline: Air Canada Express


HUB: Manchester* (EGCC)
Bases: Belfast (EGAA), Birmingham (EGBB), Bristol (EGGD)
Seasonal Destinations: Almeria (LEAM), Corfu (LGKR), Dubrovnik (LDDU), Girona (LEGE), Innsbruck* (LOWI), Skiathos (LGSK), Gran Canaria (GCLP)

Featured Airline: Thomas Cook Airlines


HUB: New Orleans* (KMSY)
ATC may open any of the following destinations once KMSY is fully staffed:

Concourse B
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination Flight Time
B02 Southwest 737-700 Dallas (Love Field) 1:10
B04 Southwest 737-700 Houston (Hobby) 1:00
B05 Southwest 737-700 Atlanta 1:00
B07 Southwest 737-700 New York (LaGuardia) 2:45
B08 Southwest 737-800 Oakland 4:00
B09 Southwest 737-700 Las Vegas 3:15
B10 Southwest 737-700 Los Angeles 3:45
B11 Southwest 737-700 Chicago (Midway) 1:50
B12A Southwest 737-800 Phoenix 2:50
B12B Southwest 737-700 Tampa 1:10
B15A Southwest 737-800 Baltimore 1:30
B15B Southwest 737-700 Denver 2:30
Concourse C
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination Flight Time
C01 Copa Airlines 737-800 Panama City 3:25
C02 Allegiant Air A320-200 Cincinnati 1:30
C03 Alaska Airlines A320-200 Seattle 4:40
C04 jetBlue A320-200 Boston 2:40
C05 jetBlue A321-200 New York (JFK) 2:30
C06 American A321-200 Charlotte 1:30
C07 American CRJ-700 Washington D.C. (DCA) 2:15
C08 American 737-800 Chicago (O’Hare) 2:00
C09 American A320-200 Dallas (Fort Worth) 1:10
C10 American 737-800 Los Angeles 3:45
C12A American A320-200 Miami 2:00
C12B Frontier A320-200 Denver 2:30
C15 Spirit A320-200 Austin 1:10
C16 Spirit A321-200 Orlando 1:25
Concourse D
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination Flight Time
D02 Delta 737-800 Atlanta 1:00
D03 Delta 717-200 Detroit 2:25
D04 Delta 737-800 Los Angeles 3:45
D05 Delta 737-800 Minneapolis - St. Paul 2:40
D06 Delta 737-900 Salt Lake City 3:40
D07 United A320-200 Chicago (O’Hare) 2:00
D08 United A320-200 Denver 2:30
D09 United CRJ-700 Houston - Intercontinental 1:00
D10 United A320-200 Newark 2:45
D11 United A320-200 San Francisco 4:15
D12 United CRJ-700 Washington (Dulles) 2:10
Cargo Aprons
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination Flight Time Pilot
FedEx Cargo Apron 01 FedEx 777-200F Memphis 0:55
FedEx Cargo Apron 02 FedEx MD-11F Fort Lauderdale 1:35
FedEx Cargo Apron 03 FedEx MD-11F Tampa 1:15
UPS Cargo Apron UPS A330-200F Louisville 1:20
DHL Cargo Apron DHL 757-200 Cincinnati 1:55
Cargo Apron 01 UPS 757-200 Miami 1:40
Cargo Apron 02 DHL 757-200 Houston 0:55
Maintenance Hangar DHL 208 Caravan Albany (GA) 1:45

Featured Event: Fill up the French Quarter - New Orleans Fly-Out!

Friday: To Be Announced


Sydney* (YSSY), Melbourne (YMML), Brisbane (YBBN), Perth (YPPH), Adelaide (YPAD), Darwin (YPDN), Canberra (YSCB), Townsville (YBTL), Hobart (YMHB), Port Hedland (YPPD)

Featured Event: All Aussie Adventures - Massive Australian Fly-Out!


Four Regions, One day!
All airports ATC Choice in the designated region once regional HUB is fully staffed.

0600Z-1159Z: Chennai (VOMM)
1200Z-1759Z: Dubai (OMDB)
1800Z-2359Z: Moscow (UUEE)
0000Z-0559Z: Frankfurt (EDDF)

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*denotes airports that should not be opened by controllers in the check ride phase