ATC Schedule • 5-11 Nov 18


I think it’s because the entire Middle East region is scheduled for today. However, the airports “featured” are airports that are more likely to have service.


Ah I got you! Thanks!


It was addressed internally. Dubai should not have been opened with plenty of other featured fields being scheduled! Sorry about that. 🙂


No Worries Tyler! 👍🏽


Hey folks, I’m streaming ATC at OERK currently, feel free to stop by!


Thanks for the amazing ATC services at OERK @BluePanda900 ;)


It was hard with all the idiots :P. @Dylan_Bright and @Transport_Hub will know what they did wrong though :P. (joke people)


I’m flying to honolulu, I’m going to land in 1 hour, then I’m going to your airport!


I’m afraid I probably won’t be open that long, but you never know!


Okay, if I can not make it in time, it’ll be next time.


Why do u make a schedule.


So that people can expect service as specific airports and plan their flights accordingly.


I wouldn’t consider myself the best approach controller ever, there are definitely some higher controllers. But thank you for the compliment! Glad to know you enjoyed my services. :)


Lol, where you controlling next


I’m currently at WMKK approach


Lol might do a flight to get u


Which country is that in


It is in Malaysia.


Right, look for me, AM7M19


Anyone wanna spawn with me?