ATC Schedule • 5-11 Nov 18


Currently flying from LEBL to LIMC. I’m goin to try to stream it on YouTube for the first time (:


Hi folks, @Chris_Hoover and I are controlling at LSGS, come on down for Chris to vector you!


Hey guys, make sure to come down to the terrain notorious LSGS for some radar patterns with @BluePanda900 and I. Are you up for the challenge?


Bro Im coming be in a B757 British Airways AM7M19 is my callsign look for me


I’m a jet2 737


Gr8 now a dash 8 q400


Back open at LSGS everyone, come down for some fun radar patterns. I’m on approach, @Adam_Macaulay is on tower


Want me to come back on?


It’s your choice, you don’t have to go.


Alright, to kick off KIND being featured, I’m going to fly from ELLX to KIND on the Cargolux 747-8.


Hoping to see some FedEx MD-11’s on Wednesday! Memphis, being their superhub, better be busy too. Can’t wait!


I feel like taking a FDX MD-11F from KMEM - > KGSO - > KEWR then return back to KMEM from KEWR. Sounds like a fun day to me.


Any ATC on Training server on, I will go to your airport and also anyone wanna fly?


Is anyone going to open at KOAK?


Great job who was controlling KEWR. Things were very orderly and the flow of traffic was smooth.


I most likely was @LaDrilhz on Tower, Ground and ATIS + @Chris_Hoover on Approach (If there was APP upon your arrival)

And yeah, these guys, they’re the professional, it’s always high class, quality controlling going down, no messing about ;)


Glad you enjoyed the atc! Got very busy very quickly but everything went into place very nicely :)


Thanks everyone for the nice words, always trying to achieve the best I can :)


Can’t wait for tomorrow’s ATC in the Middle East! My favourite as always. Amazing scenery flying across the Middle East. See y’all in the Skys!


Why does ATC open airport’s that are not featured in the list?..I’m currently descending into OMAA, which along with OBBI are the only airports that is on the schedule for today that has ATC services…OMDB and OMRK that also have ATC services right now aren’t featured in the list…Are ATC’s allowed to control any airport within the region? If so it does make sense. If not, there’s literally no point of having the schedule then :(

It would be great if someone could enlighten me on this if they know the answer to it :)