ATC Schedule • 5-11 Nov 18


I did mention in that post suggesting opening airports in Central Russia and the Far East. :)


Apologies, misunderstood - I thought you meant Far East as in Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan etc.


India is featured too much.


Looks great. Loving the contrast in different parts of the world.

Thanks Tyler!


If Japan were to return in a future Schedule, which I can guess it will, then I’d love to see Haneda (RJTT), Sendai (RJSS) and Nagoya (RJGG) being featured rather than Kansai, Narita and please don’t open Miyazaki everytime even though it’s not featured, like I’ve seen it opened waaayyyy too many times, and it’s getting really repeated.

Another area that Josef mentioned that I’ve not quoted is, Far East Russia, places such as Vladivostok and Petropavlovsk would be very fun to visit :)

Last but not least two place that have from what I know never been controlled, never been featured whatsoever, at least from what I know, ever since Global got launched last year is, Bangladesh and Cambodia. I would love to have ATC upon approach and departure in Dhaka, the capital of my home country. Also It’d be amazing to fly to Phnom Penh as well it serves to be one the most attractive turist destinations in Asia. Also ma I add southern Taiwan, more specifically Kaohsiung.

Remember folks, this is absolutely not a request in any way although it could be interpreted that way. It’s just a suggestion/feedback on the schedule to make it a bit more spicy and diverse as to where we can fly to and control at, thank you :)


I’ve flown to Petropavlovsk in IF and it’s beautiful!




I’m hoping FNF at FMEE! 😍


Just a friendly reminder, only request remaining in the pattern if you are actually remaining in the pattern. I’m controlling LFPO now and every other pilot is saying they are going to remain in the pattern but aren’t. If you intend on departing, please say you are with the departing straight out, East, West etc… If remaining in pattern, please set the current airport as your destination, this will also help us to know you would like to remain in pattern otherwise we will assume you are departing.


I agree with you, this makes it difficult for us to do ATC, especially in the training server, very much do not follow the orders


How do I become an Air Traffic Controller on the Expert Server? And why has the Training server all of a sudden become the most unpopular


Here you go! :)


Thx, need to upgrade trust though, I will set a goal to do this


Meh, most of the time the Bay Area controlled it is at SJC or OAK. But I think we need more Bay Area in general.


I believe we need more coverage south of the US.


When I get my trust up I will help cover the map


I actually respectfully disagree, it is mostly KOAK and KSFO, almost never SJC… From what I remember…

Global Flyer1


To correct you a bit,

It’s mostly SFO, but OAK was featured twice in a really short amount of time when Allegiant and cargos were featured in the US. When SJC was featured in early October, it was the first time in like 6 months.

We gotta fight for SJC XD


are there no appr control at LIMC currently??


because all IFATC are volunteers, and it is almost impossible to have every frequency open at one time, for all featured airports, never mind just one.