ATC Schedule • 5-11 Nov 18


Yep! KDEN is my home airport and I love it! Great airport.


Same! What part of Colorado?


I’d recommend a DM to not clog up this thread, thanks ;)


Yeah, I flew to VHHH today XD


I believe FedEx VA is very excited for Wednesday!


Ik, and we had to lose Air China and Lufthansa soon Aeromexico but at least we got California Pacific! :D

Don’t forget we also have British Airways at KSJC :)

SJC can also get featured with Alaska since it is one of Alaska’s focus cities.

But hey, we can’t really ask for airports on here and if Tyler is nice enough, he will feature KSJC soon. Heck, if we are lucky, Misha could make a FNF at KSJC XD

But right now, I am just happy that KOAK is getting featured, not the airport on the other side of the Bay.

Thanks, Tyler :D


Total Brainfart… I don’t know how I forgot about BA, but Southwest also focuses at SJC, so really it could be either one… I do believe Alaska also focuses on SFO


No, Alaska has a hub at SFO XD

If you want to continue, let’s do it in a PM.


Wow! Monday and Tuesday looks Great! Looking forward to fly EasyJet!


I hope the African FNF is an airport other than:



Great week ahead. But it’d also be nice to see more Indian airports featured!!


Lol are there any better ones?


Funny enough I’ll be departing dnmm soon for egll hopefully with ATC services on approach


FedEx! Good call guys!


Wow looks like it’s going to be a great event can’t wait for Fnf


India is featured at least every 2nd week


I dont get some people


I was predicting Egypt


Keep in mind that an airport selected for FNF does have to be capable of handling 50+ planes at any given time.


All of those seem capable of handling that except maybe HAAB would be a tight squeeze with the back taxiing.


To add to @Joseph_Krol, Russia is so vast, I think the only problem is that the same airports are being featured - Moscow, St Petersburg. I reckon having Russia in the schedule is quite good, especially because it borders many other countries; to and from which flights can be made. I think having airports open in Siberia and other parts of Russia should be beneficial for upcoming schedules. Of course, just my opinion. :)