ATC Schedule • 5-11 Nov 18


As much as many judge your schedules, we always appreciate whatever you set for us every week. Have a good week and thank you for the schedule🙂


Let’s see where I will open up! England probably one day.


Coming in with Norwegian tomorrow afternoon from LAX.


It’s a beautiful flight, especially when your over near the mountains in Utah. 😍😍


Is there a recommended airline for Thursday?


I guess Saudi and Etihad.


My plan for that was to feature MEA, Gulf Air, Etihad, Oman, Jordanian, etc… so the recommended fields already suggest an appropriate carrier but I’ll leave that up to you.


Oh really. I checked a few minutes ago for the winds even though they could change but winds aren’t that great over utah. Tailwinds I mean


Just a suggestion for you Tyler, try not to feature Dubai and Hong Kong so often.


They’re not even on this schedule. 🤔


Just for the future schedules Lol


Amazing schedule once again Tyler! Looking forward to the EasyJet Extravaganza tomorrow and the African FNF!


YAY KGSO! For the first time my home airport is getting some love. Can’t wait!


Interesting schedule! This schedule is unique!



SO CLOSE! so close to KSJC

at least the other Bay Area airport on the other side of KOAK is not getting featured.

Let’s get some flights done at KOAK for Southwest


One of the most popular routes will probably be WSSS - KEWR although it is not United… I am probably going to be flying ZBAA - KEWR in United’s 772


Another Colorado fan!!!


I hate that SFO gets all the attention and the large aircraft, although SJC is pretty small… At least we still have Hainan and ANA. Although I have never traveled through KOAK, I am glad it is another airport near me :)

Hope that SJC will be featured with Southwest soon enough…


I like the schedule, but it looks like more airports are starting to be repeated.

Take my criticism with a grain of salt, but I think more schedules in Eastern Europe (excluding Russia, of which we have had plenty), Japan, Indonesia, and Mexico would be interesting.

If you would really want to keep using these regions, go for different airports. I don’t think I have seen anything in Russia’s far east, or Vietnam, and Central America.

While I do adore the schedules, the point I’m trying to make here is that it starts to get a bit monotonous. Perhaps I have the unpopular opinion here.

Thank you.

I’m always down for KDEN being featured, though.


Feedback is appreciate, it really is!

My own feedback: Actually go to the unique airports when we open them.

We always feature a few less-traveled fields and they’re a ghost town. Best way to see more new airports is to actually support it when they’re featured. We’re all for diversity but I also build these with controllers in mind so they’re not open for an hour watching the virtual grass grow with zero traffic. 🙂