ATC Schedule • 5-11 August 2019

Region changes will occur around 0600Z as the previous region’s activity comes to an end.

ATC Choice Week!

This week we rely entirely on our very own IFATC’s creative freedom! While each day will have a featured HUB that should be manned continuously to the max extent possible, we’ll also allow ATC to choose where they want to control. Let’s change it up, explore new places together, and enjoy a week orchestrated by your Expert ATC team!

Missing our airport of the week schedules? We’ll be back to our 2019 journey around the world with the top 50 busiest airports soon, while also having some new areas to rediscover and experience like it’s the first time in the very near future!


Monday Featured Airport: Montreal [CYUL]
All others ATC Choice!

Tuesday Featured Airport: Madrid [LEMD]
All others ATC Choice!

Wednesday Featured Airport: Istanbul [LTFM]
All others ATC Choice!

Thursday Featured Airport: St. Louis [KSTL]
All others ATC Choice!

Friday: To Be Announced

Saturday: Auckland (NZAA), YSSY (Sydney), Wellington (NZWN), Melbourne (YMML)
The above airports should be continuously manned by ATC to the max extent possible. All others ATC Choice.
Featured Event: An Australiasian Fly-Out hosted by the Regulars, for the Community
NOTAM: Organized Event with heavy traffic expected. Please be patient, follow all ATC instructions, and check event details prior to departure.

Sunday Featured Airport: Doha [OTHH]
All others ATC Choice!

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