ATC Schedule • 4-10 Feb 19


Thx fo reply I hope Thailand opens or Tokyo
But it doesn’t matter I love the new system of any place in the world it’s good for ATC


If anyone’s wondering, the rumors are true: KJFK isn’t the only airport in today’s region.


Superb controlling today guys!Keep it up!


When you were busy all day and missed CVG being open 😭😭😭


Hey! Sorry about a second ago, BTW the Largest airplane aloud at KBTV is the B747.


Was there an active controller?


Yup, Bangkok was.


My operation on KBTV is closed now! Thanks for coming!


Airport information in my hand told me that 767,MD11 are largest here. I will check that again! Thanks for information.


AH ok! We have had multiple B747s at BTV at once lol, Thanks for the ATC!


According to the current airport editing gating data, the largest stand there is only capable of handling an MD11/767/A330


@Captain_JR This actually fits with the tune for ‘Praise to the Lord’






To all of you who cringed at this, i’m sorry :) - I do Music as one of my GCSES (those who live in the UK will know what those are) and I couldn’t help myself

i’ll stop now 😂😂


Thanks to @Jmacd20 for letting me taxi to RWY 27R at LHR :)

Great controlling out there, keep it up!!

And sorry for the hassle, I just really wanted to follow real-life procedures and take off from 27R :)



Ooh! Next schedule already ☺️


Nooooooo!!! I forgot to go to next week’s page!! Departed lax for LFPG an hour ago and just refreshed the page!! That was last Monday!!! Oh well, lol. I guess I’ll log some hours anyway.