ATC Schedule • 4-10 Feb 19


I’ll fly from JFK to Dubai overnight then in the 777-200F


On Saturday I suppose KEWR would be open


What does Friday Night Flight means?


A big flight on Friday night🤣🤣🤣


Its just a community event, of flights, on Friday. Catchy tittle which you can also see written as FNF


Thank you :)


Welcome to the forum! Great to have you here. If you have any questions feel free to message me and I will help you if possible.


Anyone going to be on atlanta from about 1130Z


About to depart RJTT for JFK


Woohoo! Dubai, here we come…


What destination has the highest demand within the Emirates routes?


This is always a useful list!


I would imagine dubai :P


Missed approach at JFK KE257, CRAZY WINDS!😩. But I actually went around because an aircraft had not cleared the runway


Who wants Manchester airport


Woo hoo! just blasted outta btv in my Decathlon, thanks @Bangkok_VTBS for opening btv! im headed home to my home airport 0B7.


I suspect he means from Dubai, which in that case is probably EGLL

8 A380s per day 👀


You’re most welcome!
Thanks for joining BTV , good day!


Anybody have any idea what will be tomorrow’s ATC


There are no specific airports, so any speculations might be false. ATC will open wherever they wish in the entire globe 🌍 🙂