ATC Schedule • 4-10 Feb 19


Thank you very helpful


I’m just wondering. When will Bergen be the Featured airport?
BTW Thank you very much @Tyler_Shelton for this Information!!!


Very hard to miss when it’s put in gigantic text 🤷🏼‍♂️


@Sebastian9915 runway 12R/30L isn’t a runway…just saying


ATC should use ALL available runways unless it hinders the traffic flow in the airport even if IRL procedures say otherwise


Oh really, Tell me more…


Its like Gatwick


30L is for landing and 30R is for takeoff at Dubai


Which route should I fly on Sunday with a 777-300ER for Emirates

  • Doha to Dubai
  • Bandar Abbas to Dubai

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What is airport is in FNF tomorrow


their has not been one announced yet


Ok thx for fast reply


Doha to Dubai doesn’t exist…


It does if I fly it


I could use fly Dubai or Qatar also


But it literally doesn’t exist in real life. UAE is one of the countries blockading Qatar.


Another great schedule! Thank you


This is a simulator not real life


everyone still gets up in arms about flying over North Korea though. What makes a simulator great is simulatiing real world scenarios.


I’m just making the point that being realistic is better than being unrealistic. Working with real world procedures actually makes the sim a lot more enjoyable.