ATC Schedule • 4-10 Feb 19




Yeah the Little Big airport get recognized.


OH WOW OKBK KUWAIT! That’s my hometown ! Thank you so much for this amazing schedule, best one so far!


I’m just waiting for this now. Thanks for making my week Tyler!


Loving Thursday personally because of low visibility due to snow…thx Tyler


Was landing into LFPG. Couldn’t contact tower while landing Callsign NBSYT in a TBM-930. Yes I have excellent internet connection.

everyone on my screen was “unknown”


If you got ghosted, contact the controller @Sebastian9915. In the future when this happens it is better to divert so you don’t interfere with others’ experience.


He landed. Nordo aircraft.


same I want to get a friend to fly a delta and Me southwest out of RDU to see who gets atc to get them on the ground first.


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Finally Philippines thank you


How to descend for my final approach to the runway?
If suppose i am cruising an altitude of 10k and airport is just 150nm from my point. So what should be my descend plan? I need help.


Have at look at this thread


You would descend 22nm from the airport to be at a good approach altitude (around 3500 AGL). Your VS would be 1000 x Mach Speed x 3


What should be the speed of the aircraft while establishing on ILS i.e on 3000ft? Most of the time i fly 747-400 , A320,A380.
please help me out of this.


Read this thread


Today I see omdb open but its it’s not on the schedule what’s the point If its not followed


Dubai is airport of the week, which means that it can be opened throughout the week.


Very unclear to a mere mortal looking at an ATC location map


Also the schedule is more of a recommendation / priority list to the IFATC controllers. Just because you don’t see it in the schedule doesn’t mean it will not open.