ATC Schedule • 30Jul-5Aug 18

I don’t know if weird is the correct word, but it will be a messy busy airport for sure, although the approach is awesome !

If we all fly on the Expert Server like it’s the Expert Server there should be no issue! 🙂


Guys… stop complaining or wishing for your requested airport to get up on the schedule. Tyler mixes it up and tries to have each schedule have a set of unique airports. Just be patient and your airport will be featured. It just may not be right now.


I was saying it’ll be weird seeing as approach services are going to be odd and it takes so long to vacate that runway

Schudule is amazing looking forward to those vertical takeoffs on Tuesday

It is very hard to land.

Technically, the largest flight to land in Lhasa is B-747-8, which is President Xi’s flight. No A380 allowed.:)

Yes A380 allow there use international

It is the first time Chinese airports open. Very excited.

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Ummm… First Time? 😕

Chinese Airports has been opened multiple times in the past… 🙃

For an example, both Beijing Capital Intl. Airport (ZBAA) and Shanghai Pudong Intl. Airport (ZSPD) has been featured many times before, and it is always fun to visit China :)

Edit: I forgot to mention, there has been many smaller airports around in China that has been opened as well in past, just like this weeks we see Beijing opened along with some smaller ones.


Chinese airports not first time beacause many times airport in China IFATC

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Cool that switzerland is on wednesday as it is the Swiss national day.


Oh yeah KPDX my hometown, sweet!

Whenever it comes. Remember, Patience is key. @FilipPupovac


Just two weeks ago. 🙂

For the rest, this is not a “when’s the…” or “please add…” thread. Off topic comments will be flagged. Appreciate the support!


Wow I can’t believe my actual closest airport (EGLF/Farnborough) is being featured! I worked there this year during the airshow and know it inside out. Absolutely surreal.


Ayy nice to the west coast opening up

Easy peasy right?! ;D

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Friendly Reminder Folks:

This is not the place to be requesting airports to be featured. All of these replies will be flagged as noted by Tyler below:


Looking forward to Saturday! Will fly the Alaska 737’s, gonna be great and the Norwegian on the Sunday. It’s gonna be a great weekend.