ATC Schedule • 3-9 Feb 2020

Region changes will occur around 0600Z as the previous region’s activity comes to an end.


Monday: Delhi (VIDP), Bengaluru (VOBL), Cochin (VOCI), Kathmandu (VNKT), Yangon (VYYY), Hyderbad (VOHS), Port Blair (VOPB)
Featured Airline: Air India

Tuesday: Luxembourg (ELLX), London Stansted (EGSS), London Gatwick (EGKK), Oslo (ENGM), Milan-Malpensa (LIMC), Zaragoza (LEZG), Zurich (LSZH)
Featured Airline: Cargolux

Wednesday: ATC Choice!

Thursday: Calgary (CYYC), Kelowna (CYLW), Winnipeg (CYWG), Regina (CYQR), Toronto (CYYZ)
Featured Airline: WestJet

Friday: To Be Announced

Saturday: IFAEGAF: Military Madness Event

The following airports will be open for various squadron arrivals and departures:
10th & 99th Sqn - RAF Brize Norton (EGVN), RAF Akrotiri (LCRA), Ascension Island (FHAW)
47th Sqn - Ramstein (ETAR)
492nd Sqn - Lakenheath (EGUL)
All other airports ATC Choice with Military Theme

NOTAM: Please refer to event details for specific routes, speed restrictions, procedures, and event rules. ALL military aircraft are expected to maintain reasonable speeds and altitudes PRIOR to entering controlled airspace. Tactical overhead approaches not allowed at controlled fields due to lack of in-app commands. TFRs will be in effect and enforced by ghosting.

Sunday: Panama City (MPTO), San Salvador (MSLP), Guatemala City (MGGT), Caracas (SVMI), Georgetown (SYCJ), Santo Domingo (MDSD), Cartagena (SKCG), Willemstad (TNCC)
Featured Airline: Copa Airlines

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Runway 26R/8L is closed and only to be used for taxi operations. Aircraft may proceed on runway 26R/8L without ATC permission and may utilize it as a taxiway for ground movement. Arriving and Departing aircraft must ONLY use 26L/8R.

This will remain in effect indefinitely.



Tomorrow’s military event across Europe will enforce multiple NOTAMs and Speed Restrictions at the featured and manned airports.

Military Aircraft Speed Restrictions

Below 10,000ft: 250KIAS

Above 10,000ft but under ATC Control: At or Below 300KIAS

Speeds above are the maximum allowable speeds under ATC control based on altitude. ATC will dictate further reductions based on traffic. No tactical approaches will be authorized, whether the overhead approach, high speed low pass, etc. Those wishing to do a low approach should conduct a normal/stable approach to a go-around at the threshold if cleared for the option.