ATC Schedule • 3-9 Dec 18


Something you should know about Delhi… R27/09 is closed for Maintenance in real life and taxiway E AND T are for military use. If you want to make it as realistic as possible, I’ll also tell you that all international departures come and go from the apron connected by W2 and W3. The apron connected by W1 is largely used by Air India.

Have Fun!


It probably will be because of all the traffic, sorry.


I wouldn’t mind some themed Alaska ‘Milk Run’ flying with Alaska Airlines, in Alaska, flying to towns they serve around Alaska. (e.g. Barrow)


I will be flying to FACT on 747-8 from Amsterdam


very nice schule


I bet that the FNF will be about the new update


Hi can an Air Traffic Controller come to EHAM


EHAM will not be opened due to a frequency change in the new update. Because of the change, people in the previous version will not be able to contact ATC and people in the new update will not be able to contact ATC in the previous version. We apologize for the inconvenience.


Thats fine DW it will sort its self out


Yeah, just to be safe though, EHAM won’t be opened until we receive further word from Tyler :)


Just EHAM or other various airports?


Currently, the only known airport with an issue is EHAM.


I’ll allow them to open up again in the next hour or two. We mainly needed to wait until everyone has updated to ensure we’re all using the same version/frequencies. Sorry to those who really held out for EHAM. We’re still learning and improving too!


What if someone who still doesn’t have the update spawns into an active airport?


They may not be able to contact the appropriate frequency.


Where will be ATC for tomorrow ?


We will be controlling in Southeast Asia tomorrow :)


thanks , do u have a specific Airport in Mind , cuz im planning to take off from EHAM with Fedex , let me know , have a good night


WSSS, VTBS and RPLL are usually all quite busy since they are the largest airports in the region irl :)


Can’t wait to use the new WJA 738 on Saturday!