ATC Schedule • 3-9 Dec 18


Sunday looks like a lot of fun


Saturday is my day, logging some flights with an Amazing Airline!
Air Canada of course If you fell for this then you haven’t read my username yet


Dang! Southeast Asia on the day I repurchase my subscription? That’s way too awesome to happen! 😍👍


Very interesting schedule!
I really like Wednesday when it’s southern Africa and the Netherlands. I can’t do without a long-haul flight!
Sunday is also very interesting. Maybe I will take a flight to VNLK, because I haven’t been there for a long time.

Generally in this week I intend to discover many new airports 😀


Thanks for putting cywg up it probably won’t get any controllers though sadly, it’s my home airport.


Have fun flying out of cywg :)


I know,I over do it when JetBlue is Featured😂😂😍


I’ll definitely be flying Saturday and Sunday I like Wednesday aswell nice choices!


India is on the list 🎊🎉


Flown out of there a few times - its a nice airport!


Yes! Japan is featured this week!


Ooh! Some South African action this week!


5 december KLM
On that they we have sinterklaas!!


Great schedule as always Tyler! So happy KMCO is included in Tuesday’s schedule!


Can’t wait! I love ANA!


What a line up I’ll try make it to one of them


Hey bud, that appears to be copy and pasted from an eirlier post by @Captain_JR, let’s not do that plese?


Yay cywg thanks for putting it on Tyler:)


Yesssss some love for the west, thank you Tyler!!!


I meant on weekends but I’m not complaining it still is good