ATC Schedule • 3-9 Dec 18


Would be a perfect fit for the WestJet 737 ;)

Very excited to control in Canada! Love that place, see you all soon :)


Pretty good schedule again! I guess I’ll be flying a lot this week (Long hauls)


Think I know what 737 teaser might come out Saturday…🙊


Nice schedule Tyler! I am hyped for Canada on Saturday!!


Thanks for this calendar @Tyler_Shelton


Can’t wait for Sunday…


Tuesday is the best!!



This Week couldn’t be any BETTER!!!

We start off with ANA on Monday, and featuring Haneda, Nagoya, among other airports in Japan!!! Lovely to see ANA get love again. Last time it got featured or was focus alone was almost or if not a Year ago, so it’s nice to see it make a comeback 😋

KLM fun on Wednesday. Unite Africa and Europe via the Dutch!

ATC Choice is always a surprise I’m looking forward to

BUT SUNDAY!!! Tyler, Seriously, THANK YOU!!!

VGHS!!! 😍😍😍😍

Like… OMG AHHHH, VGHS for me is basically what KPIT for @KPIT and KSJC for @BigBert10!!!

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You Tyler!!! The day as has finally come!!! You guys can expect me to fly DUBAI-DHAKA that day and also the 777 Generic Livery with a particular callsign around Bangladesh, Middle East and Malaysia on Sunday too 😄😁

Ps. VGHS has only one runway, and uses the North side (Runway 14) to handle all Departures and Arrivals. Also remember that the Airport can accommodate A380 although it’s very unrealistic as no airline flies them there. But Cargo airlines uses B747 which is fine :)

I’ll post with a list on Airlines that fly to and from Dhaka on Sunday for those interested in flying realistic routes. My PM is also always open, so drop and any questions regarding how to navigate around the airport, departure and arrival. Once again Thanks Tyler and thanks to all who decides to visit Dhaka this upcoming weekend 😆


Awesome schedule


Couldn’t agree more, Sunday is my favourite part of this schedule…



school: hi, mathematics exam on monday.


My Infinite Flight Schedule: 3rd-9th December 2018

Sunday 2nd:

KLAX-RJTT (American 787-9) (AAL27)

Monday 3rd:

RJTT-RJFF (All Nippon 777-200ER) (ANA273)

RJFF-RJSN (All Nippon DH8-Q400) (AKX1281)

RJSN-RJCC (All Nippon DH8-Q400) (AKX1115)

RJCC-RJSK (All Nippon DH8-Q400) (AKX1834)

RJSK-RJTT (All Nippon A321-200) (ANA410)

RJTT-KJFK (All Nippon 777-200ER) (ANA110)

Tuesday 4th:

KJFK-KMCO (JetBlue A320) (JBU2989)

KMCO-KFLL (JetBlue E190) (JBU535)

KFLL-MKJS (JetBlue A320) (JBU931)




TJSJ-KJFK (JetBlue A321) (JBU4)

KJFK-EHAM (KLM 787-9) (KLM642)

Wednesday 5th:

EHAM-HKJK (KLM 747-400) (KLM565)

HKJK-FIMP (Generic A319) (BB001IF)

FIMP-FAOR (South African Airways A340-600) (SAA193)

FAOR-FACT (South African Airways A340-600) (SAA377)

FACT-FAOR-WSSS (Singapore Airlines 787-10) (SIA479)

Thursday 6th:

WSSS-WMKK (Malaysian 737-800) (MAS616)

WMKK-VTBS (Malaysian 737-800) (MAS796)

VTBS-WIII (Thai 787-8) (THA433)

WIII-WARR (Air Asia A320) (AWQ7692)

WARR-WADD (Air Asia A320) (AWQ7624)

WADD-WSSS (JetStar A320) (JST116)

Friday 7th:

WSSS-FNF (FNF Specified Aircraft & Appropriate Callsign)

FNF-CYVR (FNF Specified Aircraft & Appropriate Callsign)

Saturday 8th:

CYVR-CYEG (Air Canada A319) (ACA244)

CYEG-CYWG (WestJet 737-700) (WJA304)

CYWG-CYUL (Air Canada A319) (ACA386)

CYUL-CYYC (Air Canada A319) (ACA323)

CYYC-CYYJ (WestJet 737-700) (WJA165)

TnGs @ CYYJ (TBM-930) (BB001IF)

CYVR-VIDP (Air Canada 787-9) (ACA44)

Sunday 9th:

VIDP-VNKT (Jet Airways 737-900) (JAI264)


VGHS-VABB (Jet Airways 737-900) (JAI275) - @Captain_JR i checked and this is a real route :D

VABB-OMDB (Emirates 777-300ER) (UAE509)

OMDB-MONHUB (FA Specified Aircraft & Callsign)


What about fabulous Tuesday!


Not to be rude or anything but I feel like it’s always Canada but never the easy US cost


I feel that way sometimes too,but Hey! It’s Canada.


for the first time, IF Atc is using MULTIPLE channels on approach!!! can’t wait to join in the massive crowd near klax!!!


I mean… you’ve literally got two east coast states featured this week so… 🤷🏼‍♂️


How about we not throw up one of the favorite airports on a day that would have promoted lesser represented airports. We all know that KJFK is going to be the only airport open on Tuesday and every other one is going to be neglected.


I find that hard to believe when you’ve got some killer Caribbean airports, Ft Lauderdale and Orlando on the schedule. People fly where they fly… it’s no biggie! 😉


I’ll make a Long Haul into JFK from Tokyo for Tuesday ;)