ATC Schedule • 29 June-5 July 2020

Region changes will occur around 0600Z as the previous region’s activity comes to an end.


Monday: Memphis* (KMEM), Burlington (KBTV), Portland-ME (KPWM), Syracuse (KSYR), Indianapolis* (KIND), Bradley (KBDL), Harrisburg (KMDT), Greensboro (KGSO), Columbus-Rickenbacker (KLCK)
Featured Airline: FedEx

Tuesday: Enrique Adolfo Jimenez (MPEJ), Panama City (MPMG), San Jose (MROC), Belize City (MZBZ), Guatemala City (MGGT), San Salvador (MSLP), Roatan (MHRO), Toncontin* (MHTG), Managua (MNMG)
Featured Theme: General Aviation

Wednesday: Ben Gurion* (LLBG), All others ATC Choice from destination list below!
Featured Event: El Al Virtual’s First Event

Terminal 1
Gate Airline Destination Aircraft Flight Time
J01 Ryanair Bergamo (LIME) 737-800 4:00
J02 Ryanair Athens (LGAV) 737-800 2:10
J03 Ryanair Krakow (EPPK) 737-800 3:40
J04 Ryanair Rome (LIRF) 737-800 3:22
J05 Wizz Air Budapest (LHBP) A320-200 2:59
J06 Wizz Air Varna (LBWN) A320-200 2:25
J07 Wizz Air Vilnius (EYVI) A320-200 4:05
L01 easyJet Amsterdam (EHAM) A320-200 5:10
L02 easyJet London Gatwick (EGKK) A320-200 4:58
L03 easyJet Geneva (LSGG) A320-200 4:35
L04 easyJet Berlin-Tegel (EDDT) A320-200 4:15
L05 easyJet Milan-Malpensa (LIMC) A320-200 4:05
L06 easyJet Nice (LFMN) A320-200 4:10
Terminal 3
B Gates
Gate Airline Destination Aircraft Flight Time
B02 El Al Vienna (LOWW) 737-800 3:40
B03 El Al Larnaca (LCLK) 737-800 0:45
B04 El Al Munich (EDDM) 737-800 4:05
B05 El Al Tbilisi (UGTB) 737-800 2:35
B06 El Al London Heathrow (EGLL) 787-9 (Generic) 5:07
B07 El Al Johannesburg (FAOR) 777-200 (Generic) 8:55
B08 El Al Naples (LIRN) 737-800 3:00
B09 El Al Marseille (LFML) 737-800 4:25
C Gates
Gate Airline Destination Aircraft Flight Time
C02 Turkish Airlines Istanbul (LTFM) A321-200 1:35
C03 Austrian Vienna (LOWW) A321-200 3:40
C04 Ukraine International Airlines Keiv (UKKK) 737-900 3:10
C05 British Airways London Heathrow (EGLL) 777-200 5:07
C06 Cathay Pacific Hong Kong (VHHH) A350-900 10:00
C07 Delta New York Kennedy (KJFK) A330-300 11:40
C08 United Newark (KEWR) 777-200 11:50
C09 United Washington Dulles (KIAD) 777-200 12:35
D Gates
Gate Airline Destination Aircraft Flight Time
D04 El Al Bangkok (VTBS) 777-200 (Generic) 11:05
D05 El Al Miami (KMIA) 787-9 (Generic) 13:15
D06 El Al Toronto (CYYZ) 787-9 (Generic) 11:45
D07 El Al Los Angeles (KLAX) 787-9 (Generic) 14:40
D08 El Al Brussels (EBBR) 737-800 4:55
D09 El Al Mumbai (VABB) 787-8 (Generic) 7:55

Thursday: Taiwan* (RCTP), Kaohsiung (RCKH), Manila (RPLL), Macau (VMMC), Cebu (RPVM), Da Nang (VVDN), Phnom Penh (VDPP), Naha (ROAH), Chubu (RJGG)
Featured Airline: Eva Air

Friday: To Be Announced

Saturday: Four HUBs, One Day!

All airports ATC Choice once the following designated HUBs are fully staffed:

0600Z-1159Z: Doha (OTHH)
1200Z-1759Z: Istanbul (LTFM)
1800Z-2359Z: Zurich (LSZH)
0000Z-0559Z: Newark (KEWR)

Sunday: Nairobi* (HKJK), Abidjan (DIAP), Bujumbura (HBBA), Dar-es-Salaam (HTDA), Entebbe (HUEN), Harare (FVRG), Zanzibar (HTZA), Mombasa (HKMO), Khartoum (HSSS)
Featured Airline: Kenya Airways

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*denotes airports that should not be opened by controllers in the check ride phase


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