ATC Schedule • 26Nov-2Dec 18

An ATC Schedule is released every week to show where controllers will be each day. This schedule only applies to Expert server.


DON’T, do that ever again. Please 🤦‍♂️

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Do we need to bring our credit card numbers and the “special code” on the back? Jk, I had fun there, got some good landings in :)

Trust me fam, I’m trying 😂

Sorry if this is a little off-topic but I just thought of it

Will anyone be controlling KSAN today??

It’s definitely a possibility, however it’s also possible that it will not happen since the featured airports have priority over any other airports in the region.

@KSJCRampAgent I’m on an event to KSJC i think it is 5 of us coming,we land in about 2hrs 30mins

will there be anymore frequency’s opened in La ?

For people spawning at KLAX in a widebody, please, it doesn’t take more than a couple of minutes to look at a Google satellite image to see where the appropriate gates are.

In short: T2, T5, T7, TBIT. The odd one at the others.

I’ll take an A380 thank you

That’s innacurate, the ATC Education Group follows the schedule each week on the training server. We have to modify the featured airports though because some airports are not conducive for training. :)

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KLAX today. Fedex is in rong spots, but the one that really triggers my OCD is southwest at rong terminal but it’s cool to see so many people at an airport at nice.

I was just behind @MishaCamp in a Spitfire taxiing for 25L at KLAX

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Not liking what I see at KSJC currently…

But I’m heading there from KMCO

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Just to let everyone departing from SJC know, the airport has a huge displaced threshold, so aircraft departing from RWY 30R always taxi to the end of the runway, not just the beginning of the threshold. Also, aircraft turn right after departure, not left to make the loop.

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Nice work @GHamsz! :D

A little unrealistic there but hey! It worked. Now if only departure was there to make everyone do the right loop XD

If you’re talking about primarily using 30L for arrivals, it gave me more control over aircraft exiting 30R interfering with people taxiing to 30R on the taxiway closest to 30R. If no issue, exit and cross, if someone was in that close taxiway, exit and hold. I ad libbed after there were a few mishaps with people turning toward an exiting aircraft. Who’d have thunk they’d do that? 😂

If I could give detailed taxi and/or exit runway commands I would have used 30R more.

As long as the airport was managed properly there’s no guarantee we’re going to use ®️ealistic procedures. Since it was Gary controlling, I’d assume the traffic flowed effectively :)

I’ve seen that thread before

i just get really picky when it comes to KSJC so one thing that was done inrealistically I will say it

But yeah traffic flowed pretty smoothly and I got to watch an airplane spin on landing shortly after I landed XD