ATC Schedule • 24-30 September 2018

This is for me the best schedule at the time, thank so much @Tyler_shelton.

TNCM! I’m excited now 😈

Love the simplicity of the schedule. Pretty ideal for some short to medium hauls.👍


Love the schudule

I agree with you on hat point. It’s a great schedule for short/medium hauls definitely.

I personally will try to squeeze in a few of Short Hauls on Tuesday evening, of course after i’ve done my Long Haul first ;)

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Awesome can’t wait thankyou Tyler and to every one involved in hub rotation as and when it take place

Have any of these been open today ? Was looking forward to omdb but everyone seems to be around London unless I missed something.

The airports you mentioned above are planed to be opened next Sunday.


The original ATC Schedule for this Sunday:

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Lol thanks! I shoulda checked the dates closer, apparently still a little jet lagged.

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The schedule is great for my birthday! Tomorrow is my birthday and I really like the schedule tomorrow! I will definitely make a lot of flights tomorrow. Thanks Tyler!

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Looking forward to ATC choice in Australia, I encourage everyone to explore some new airfields!


Awesome schedule
Unfortunately this schedule is hard for me to fit in with but I’ll try :)

So with Florida & the keys being on Saturday looks like the TBM900 might be available so we all can mimic Stevo flights… 😝 just a possibility.


So do I! We have lots of smaller, regional airports in Australia, not just the main hubs. A few smaller airports are YMIA, YBSU and YDPO.

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Omg SXM is featured, I’ll do my best to avoid it due to the shear amount of traffic it gets. Looking forward to EYW, great schedule Tyler!

I am super psyched for Key West, I have lots of practice there.

I’m now in the air. From Heathrow to Lagos, in a 747 BA

Just half-circumnavating the world to GCTS.

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Saturday has a great schedule! Will surely be there!

Dang! That is a curvy flight plan. Looks nice.