ATC Schedule • 24-30 September 2018

Anyway that we could change KMIA to KOPF cuase that would be really cool

Nope. All airports scheduled are set and stone. Maybe next week ;)


WSSS is my home airport and I can’t fly today…wonder when IFATC will control SEA countries again and hopefully I can land in WSSS with IFATC

Only time will tell. They should be doing SEA countries again, but in the future. We can’t feature one airport every day XD


Landing there isn’t the same as parking there. It has a 7800 foot runway, but a 787 is too big for the gates. Once you park, you’d be hitting the planes next to you.


It’s not realistic then because it does fly in there in real life they don’t taxi to a gate when they get there they stay on the apron for the bus to collect them

What airline flies them in? The biggest I can find on Flightradar24 is a 757.

Actually, G-OBYH (767-300) was there earlier today. And TUI use a 788 to GCRR during season :)


You know wednesday is australia? Just wondering why you’re not flying there that day.

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Yeah! Love getting a day off when Australia in in the ATC schedule! Would love to see YSBU open at some point, it never has had an ATC on the expert server 😢


Woo Australia! Gonna do AUH-BNE on the Etihad A380! Hopefully BNE is open when I land tomorrow morning! If not then I might divert to Sydney because it will definitely be open

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Just arrived in Sydney after a long flight from KIAH


Stay tuned for a special weekend ATC schedule that will be posted Friday, inspired by the TBM as we celebrate the release of update 18.5 all weekend!

Infinite Flight 18.5 Release


TNCM on saturday will be packedddd

awesome! super excited for the TBM to come to ios

What is the time of each day that people usually log in and log out to fly…or what are the times i will find atc’s in the designated areas? Thanks

There isn’t really a set time, ATC has the ability to control whenever they want, although you can expect a spike after school hours depending on the country.

Thanks a lot

So would I. One of my favourite places on earth the Sunshine Coast is

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Take your TBM out and enjoy the Alps this Friday!