ATC Schedule • 23-29 July 2018

…Me tooo lol😂😂…

I haven’t been on here all day in Hope’s of when I did i will see FNF posted lol.

It will come when it comes :)

Guys, chill out. Seriously. It will be posted when it will be posted. Not everyone has the free time that you may have.


FNF will be posted when Mark has the time to do so! He isn’t bound to post it at any specific time, so give it a rest and wait patiently.

FNF will come when it will, til then do something else, daily chores, take a walk outside or do a quick flight?

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You can all rest easy tonight.


Will cape town tower be open at 11:00pm CDT I live in America and am wanting to do a long haul but cant start to early so I need to know because rim not good with time conversions.

Just landed in Incheon, Seoul after a 16 hour flight from Cape Town (there were some serious headwinds over Tanzania and Madagascar)

Now doing Seoul-Kansai-Tokyo in a Peach A320-200

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In the middle of my second ultra long haul from FACT to RJAA! See you all there!

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@Captain_JR what are the odds we crossed paths again? Just near the OSTAR fix near RCTP.

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I just turned a eye towards my iPad and there i see a yellow plane flying head to head towards me, haha.

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After several attempts to land at KIX, I’m now forced to divert to Narita for a better chance to land. Some Heavy Crosswind that i usually am able to land with, but today does not seems to be the case…

Singapore 618 Heavy, Inbound at NRT after a diversion from original flight plan.

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There are mad winds over Japan right now.

I mean seriously…

I was just on approach to Narita 16L and with the gusting winds, I was going all over the place even when APPR was enabled. Luckily no aerobatic violations were issued.

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There’s a Typhoon swirling up in Japan currently, so that’s the reason to all the Crazy winds we are experiencing.

Hopefully I’m able to land safely in Narita…

I thought there was a mega heatwave there.

Well I guess typhoons are a result of a lot of warm air.

But seriously I thought I was going to end up in Oz while trying to land at NRT.

I was going left, then right, then left, etc… all the way down to the runway from 4500ft (and I had APPR on)

Lets just say a non-appr landing would have probably gone seriously wrong

What are the winds like at Narita? Approximately how many knots if you could tell, thanks?

Its a crosswind on both ends of both runways.

Winds are approximately 20 gusting though to 40!!!

In IRL, planes wouldnt be allowed to land if the crosswinds go above 30knts. So in IF, the ATC should divert the traffic to Haneda (the winds are somehow very calm there) if they want to be realistic.


Sounds better than KIX, up to 50kts wind there…

Actually this is kinda fun and great that Japan is in this week’s schedule.

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And to think I was thinking about doing some 208 patterns there…

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