ATC Schedule • 18.6 week!

Friday Night Flight

so i can control ORBI on friday?

Are you IFATC?

not yet. but very soon im stil studying for the test

Then you can control on TS! :)

oh i thought kuala is from kuala lumpur(Malaysia) but then it’s an african airliner…

Less than an hour away until we head over to Australia, New Zealand and Fiji 🎉


Hey! To allow those that don’t have access to Expert Server to fly with others in a place other than LAX, I’ve decided to do a flight every day on Training Server that follows the ATC.

I’ll be starting the flight in just over an hour. If you want to join, click the link below:



Nice South Korea! Perfekt for my VA
Thank you very much!

wait a second… what is this weeks FNF i want to join


FNF is usually posted on Thursday. There is no need to sign up for FNF. All you have to join is just join!

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oh cuz everytime i dont know where to find the fnf info and ofc i’m too late

It’s pinned globally on the forum every Thursday. It’s also announced on this thread ;)

Nice! I’ll try to follow up with the schedule

also posted on all of their social media platforms

RODN is open by yours truly. Its a beautiful airport with some lovely views and airports in the area. Perfect airport to depart from and do some quick hops in your aircraft of choice. 🛫

don’t leave me listening to the ever so slight breeze alone…


I’ll come by and do some patterns ;)

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As sticking with my promise, I’ll be doing another flight that follows the ATC, but is on the Training Server. Everyone is welcome to join. Flight is 2 hours long, though you can come escort and refuel with me. Don’t have to stay for entire flight.

Flight starts in one hour.



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Anyone have an African airport they plan to do ATC on on Saturday? I would like to do a long haul from FRA or SDF and it would be nice to have a controlled airport to arrive at.

Try FAOR(or FACT). It has SAA, Kulula, Comair and Mango based there IRL.

An alternative is Cairo(HECA) due to the Egyptair 737 or Lagos(DNMM) due to the Arik 737-800.

I make no promises though but I can assure you that it’s very likely those airports would be open tomorrow especially FACT.