ATC Schedule • 17-23 Dec 18

so excited

No, i’m In Canada, but trust me, I have exams at January o’clock.

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Climbing out of Santiago de Chile 🇨🇱


Looks great, can’t wait for the Irish day. I live there and it will be great to join the green! 👏☘️

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On Saturday it would be nice if EIDW is done realistically (runway 28/10) instead of the backup runway (16/34) that’s only ever used during maintenance on the main one…

As much as we would like to use realistic procedures, sometimes we cannot due to unrealistically high traffic volume. Check out this post for more info on realism in IF

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Yeah but using a runway that’s 99% the time used as taxiway isn’t realistic is it? Nearly every time I use EIDW when IFATC are controlling it’s always the runway that is closed 99% the time irl.


As mentioned the reason for this is because of the traffic flow in Infinite Flight compared to Real Life.

There is a much higher traffic flow here in a shorter period of time, there for IFATC utilise all available runways to minimize delays on the ground and keep the traffic flowing.

If we where to use only 1 runway when EIDW was really busy, you could be waiting for at least half an hour from the gate to takeoff but if we use 2 then that shortens the wait time down drastically.

Same goes for Gatwick and a few other airports. Also they use 09L at Heathrow for departures when this is never used in real life.

I think when airports are quiet real life operations should be simulated.

Obv when busy they have no choice.

KTPA!! I remember flying KTPA-KMIA over and over when there was no global;)

Beautiful looking map. Very nice! Keep up the great work!

Woohoo! Great stuff! Any thoughts on atc in Australia? More specifically Melbourne?

Australia probably won’t come for awhile since it was just featured last week. Sorry bud.:(

If y’all bored on Wednesday or Thursday, CVG is only an hour away from KMDW and KBWI. Ok I think that’ll do it for this week’s CVG post. 😂

Can’t wait for Saturday as that will be when Aerlingus gets featured !!


Why? I love AUS so much. But i guess you’re right. Happy Christmas

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Scenery could be imporved i guess, overall pretty decent looking aircraft. Nice choice in airlines.

You know I’m still waiting patiently for tomorrow. KBWI 😏

Hope to see you all tomorrow and Thursday! Because the next two days will be a blast.

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Aer Lingus on Saturday!!!

Edit: this is even better because I’ve had exams this week and it’ll be a nice break

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