ATC Schedule • 11-17 Mar 19


indeed it is!


sorry for Beijing tower, I got map glitch. @DiamondGaming4
Navy 039


All good! Thanks for letting me know!


I have landed safely at TienJin, don’t worry about me and good night.


Good night!


A new destination!? Tucson* 😂


It’s kinda like Tucson but cooler! 😛


Is this only for Expert or will their still be ATC on Training Server?


This is for the expert server.


Good job! nice schedule Tyler!


My apologies to anyone at MMMX, my iPad seems to have over loaded with the heavy density of Aircraft, and my app crashed. I was Tower.

I’ve notified someone and anyone there, you should have tower soon.

Sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused.


Enjoyed my approach into MMMX yesterday. Love the expert server, just wish Approach was available more often.

Ps. Shortly after this the other plane weirdly ditched.


Ah yes, I wondered why it disappeared after such a long approach route. Hope your iPad is now sorted!


I was born in Tucson


Thank You Tyler! — Thank You IFATC! — Thank You Pilots! 😊

Starting tomorrow, Monday, March 18th, 2019, the schedule will be locked again, disabling reply posts, therefore, I’d like to take this time to thank Tyler for the all hard for he does. A Staff member, who is truly dedicated to his work, and spends and sacrifices a lot of his time to make these incredible schedules, that unify all of the Pilots and IFATC, for a time together around the most outstanding, most beautiful, most magnificent places around the world. These schedules, allow us to interact with other pilots, and get a general idea of where they could be the coming days of each week. It allows us to fly into various different environments, with airports at unique elevations, and among terrain that is either a beauty to look at or a challenge to pass beyond. We also get a chance to be provided with Word-Class service at the featured airports with IFATC, a team of highly well trained ATC’s, who does their job flawlessly and contributes to the flying experience even further, for pilots inbound/outbound of a active controlled airport 🙌

There was a time when we had featured Hub’s, and even today we do see featured airlines, but we also used to have featured alliances along with the hubs. Not so long ago, a year ago from today, we had something along the lines. Today, we have featured airports, and more than ever before which allows us explore more vastly exotic regions of this world, places we may never have known about. Having a mix of both major airports and minor ones, everybody gets a little taste of everything. And with the recent addition of “Airport of the Week”, we are now focusing on the dominant airports, that handles the majority of the worlds, passengers, cargo, and als serves a critical political and financial hub for operations, companies, where airlines play a huge role 🏦

There was a time when people used to complain about why their home airport or this and that airport is not featured. Why IFATC is up to par as they should be. Why they only open at certain places and not spread out. From what I’ve seen over the past year, things have definitely changed, and they way people talk and behave, how IFATC is now a little everywhere to be there for us pilots. Now the schedules are more diverse than ever, and the work everyone puts through to make Tyler’s absolute fantastic schedules work without a hitch, that’s a the kind of unity we have in Infinite Flight. And to add onto the diversity, many of us was here, back in 2018, last year when we got to create our own Schedule, which later the Top 25 were picked out to be on a voting contest, from their the numbers of schedules decreased till we had our winner, DeerCrusher 😄

With every update that the developers release, it adds to the schedules Tyler makes. Expanding on the routes available, for a realistic flight, which many of us strive for. Being able to fly to your hometown maybe or your favorite airport with a aircraft that now exists, thanks to the developers team, and combined with Tyler’s schedules, you can now even receive ATC upon approach and departure, that is a dream come true for many ✨

Now to end this thank you letter off, I’d like to say that I personally am very happy for the opportunity to fly with you guys in Infinite Flight. Every pilot adds to the realism in my honest opinion, and IFATC does their absolute best to deliver what they have trained for so long. Tyler, I know that you won’t disappoint us with the schedules you will make in the future. And even if I and the others can’t show our appreciation, support and enthusiasm anymore, I want you to know that we, all, everyone, somewhere deep inside love the work you do, and we all are thankful for the service you, Tyler, provide to us. So with that said, I’d like to say one last, Thank You Tyler, Thank you all pilots out there and all of IFATC for making Infinite Flight, the best simulator to fly on, for me personally as a pilot. It is a wonderful experience to be vectored and taken care of on approach by knowledgeable ATC after a long haul flight. You guys never disappoint me, that’s the honest truth I have to say 💖

Respect One Another, Pilot & ATC.

  • Don’t Cut In Line ❌
  • Don’t Fly / Taxi Through Others ❌
  • Don’t Spam The Frequency ❌

But!! Do Smile, Be Happy & Love The Plane You Fly / Love The Airspace You Control, Because It’s You Who Make Work Of Art Real — Flying / Controlling — Pilots & ATC — Work Together, Work With One Another, To Make A Brighter Future Filled With Love, Respect & Unity, Conquer The Ground & Skies Of Infinite Flight 🛫🌎🌺


That must be a really long reply. How long did that took you to write about all of this? Thanks for all the suggestions. 🤔


Maybe next time hopefully Tyler features Ireland in the Expert Server in the Next Year. Busy day for me and Jackey today! ☘️🇮🇪


He writes that in a minute. You should see how long his posts are when he takes 10 minutes


15 minutes at max. I write typcially 65-70 words per minute so it does go quite fast. I could’ve included more text but then again people would get tired of reading and I wanted to wrote down what is most important and not get off-track with off-topic stuff.


Why were there 2 ground and tower frequencies at KDFW? Is it because of traffic? I didn’t know you could do that.