ATC Schedule • 11-17 Mar 19


Like short flights, or international long haul?


Short hauls/Medum hauls, only between Europe


The only one I can think of is AirBridge’s Cargo flight from UUEE to EDDF in the 748.


There are some that Air Bridge Cargo and maybe Asiana do at times, you would do well for yourself if you check Flightradar, you’ll get good info.


Just a friendly reminder,

When a controller says “expect runway” do them a favor and pushback toward said runway. This is usually because the runway that you’re closest to is full of people. Also, if we tell you to taxi to a runway that’s not closest to you, it’s usually not a mistake, so don’t taxi there thinking that that’s what we meant.



I’ll say, that I do like long taxiing and especially if it increases the realism as well. But gotta do as ATC says, they know better to keep traffic flowing flawlessly :)


I rather liked it when comments for ATC schedules were disabled. I can’t stand having to scroll up on my mobile device each time. I always want to start at the top. Further, I can’t count one time when a comment in an ATC schedule thread was useful.

And yes I realize the irony in this comment on an ATC schedule thread.


Flew an Air Portugal Boeing 747-200 to Amsterdam (EHAM) from Lisbon (LPPT)… 🇵🇹


I will be arriving to KMIA later this evening from the Caribbean


You can always bookmark the main post, and by doing so, you go to your bookmarks and press on the ATC Schedule, and you’ll be brought to the schedule ;)

Although a slightly longer process than just having comments disabled, it is still faster and more effective than scrolling for ages through all the posts :)


Valid feedback.

I opened comments again this week just to closely monitor what was actually being posted to make a better determination moving forward. As you pointed out, most don’t necessarily add to the topic at hand and simply make it harder to scroll to the post itself. I appreciate the enthusiasm and feedback each week, but my feeling is that this same feedback can be accomplished simply by using the ‘like’ feature built into the forum.

Moving forward we can expect the schedule topics to remain closed so that pertinent information can always be front and center, to include allowing me to post NOTAMs as a comment as the week progresses.


Does this mean that you’ll close comments for good, or temporarily again? And if for good, then I need to find a alternative way of showing my enthusiastic posts 🤔


Likely for good. It seems easier this way so information is readily available while managing our resources, in terms of moderator man hours.


Mmm, sounds reasonable… whatever is best for us in the community in terms of accessing valuable information in a easier and faster way, should be prioritized :)

Since I won’t be able to express my entusiasm… 👇

#I’d-Like-To-Get-A-Shoutout-On-The-Schedule-For-My-Birthday-April-9th-Thanks ;)


Now I can set the schedule to watching next week, which will be nice! :)


It is a ATC schedule, no need for off topic comments. They can go directly to you although you might get over whelmed. I believe it’s better if we close it.


@Declan_O Thanks for doing ground at KMCO.


No worries! Thanks for stopping by! Enjoy your flight!


@Plane-Train-TV glad to see you’re IFATC now, seen you at KSAN


I live in dfw area so I will try to do as many flights out of there as possible