ATC Schedule • 11-17 Mar 19


I’m so happy that my hometown airport ZGGG on the list! China Southern Airline are based in ZGGG =) Drive form my house to airport just half hour, yeah~


Looking amazing as always!

Thanks Tyler xx


Anyone else happy about Miami and Cancun😁😁


Well, because then people go to the mountains or send instructions to altitudes on mountains.
but, there will be no IFATC in MMMX… only MMUN, MMAA, MMTJ,MMMY and MMCU


Ehh wuut? Excuse me?

Just to let you know, that Mexico City (MMMX) is the Airport of the Week, which basically translates into, the center attention of this week and will be opened plenty of times throughout the duration of this week. IFATC will choose to open MMMX whenever they have time to, so do expect to see it opened as it is actually is now, at the time of me writing this post. Also being the Airport of the Week, it is encouraged to be opened with one exception, that is on Fridays, when we have FNF, being the only day MMMX is not going to be active with ATC. Other than that day, IFATC should, will and are encouraged to open up at Mexico City since it is the one airport being featured for 7 whole days.

And that the region is mountainous that is not a problem for IFATC which are highly trained to deal with different elevations and terrain. So don’t go and spread falsehood about IFATC only going to be at the other airports in Mexico and the surrounding area and not in the capital, when there is completely no reason for them to not control when they have free time on their hand to provide quality service.


Urm what? I was controlling there earlier😂🤷‍♂️


@Captain_JR I think @Inda_Eguia is a new member and he don’t understand too much how works the ATC schedule, I guess his comment wasn’t with a bad intention, and yes, of course IFATC are highly trained, always I approach to Mexico City they give me an excellent approach 👌


Omg, Im sorry, Thanks for the information, it is nice to know that MMMX will be opened during the Saturday, if I gave to understand that the IFATC are bad, a thousand apologies for it, there are many excellent members of IFATC and I congratulate them for the excellent work, however, not I retract to say that sometimes the instructions lead to the mountains. Maybe you do not like my opinion… but I am a true user of ATC services in Expert Server, and I will not stop doing it because it depends on the growth of them and of us users.


Ah, that very well may be true. In that case my explanation, hopefully helped him and other newcomers understand how the “Airport of the Week” works and what IFATC are trained to do :)


Mexico City can be opened everyday of the week, except for Friday. The chance of MMMX to be opened are bigger on Monday, Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday, since if you look at the schedule, the other airports that are features, are in close proximity to MMMX, making the chances of Mexico City being opened increase. But do remember, that there is no guarantee that it’ll be opened and that it’ll be opened for a long time since IFATC is voluntarily and they will open when they can :)


So will Miami or Mexico City have a better chance of Approach on Wednesday?


@Captain_JR Thanks, the information is more accurate now, and excellent detail.
I clarify that I am not such an old member and I am not new either, I always read them, but I dared to give my comment because I use the service.


Miami will probably have approach during the day if I had to guess. As far as MMMX, approach and tower should be in and out throughout the week.


OK, thank you


That is up to IFATC to decide where they will open. I can just pure based on my knowledge just make a mere guess. Only time will tell which IFATC member is available to control and where they choose to open is at their discretion. But Miami is a hotspot and has always been and will be. I’d though say that both Mexico and Miami has similar chances of being opened due to location and their proximity to one another but Orlando, San Diego and the other airports may as well be opened too and for a longer duration as well, who knows, I can’t unfortunately tell ahead of time. IFATC do try to spread out and open new airports, and not stick tot he classic bravos, but once KMIA or MMMX, even KMCO is opened, there will be huge flock of planes there ;)


But on Saturday mexico city will probably have approach right?


No one can answer on that. A controller with allowance/training to open a radar facility may do so if traffic become to much for Tower to handle, so depending on what the traffic looks like there may or may not be a Approach. But considering IFATC to be in the region and Mexico City being the center attention and a major bravo airport in the area, you can possibly with high chance expect Approach.


AWESOME SCHEDULE!!! Nice to have countries such as Colombia (featuring Bogota and Cartagena) as featured airports…would be nicer to see more Avianca liveries on the app, as for instance for the a320/a319/a321!!!


I’m not on another sim on the IFC am I. Your first and third photo show it flat with mountains round the edge and finally you round a hill and see the airport.

Been a while since i’ve been there but it stuck in my head


It’s quite difficult finding a 747 route within Europe, if anyone has any suggestions please let me know ;-)