ATC Schedule • 11-17 Mar 19


Hi, James! The schedule you’ve commented on begins tomorrow, the 11th. Here is today’s schedule that is finishing up:


What a beautiful schedule as always! Can’t wait for this one to get going! so much room for activities!


I love this schedule! SO EXCITED that DFW is being featured on Sunday! Can’t wait for that! And it’s PERFECT because this week is my spring break!


Yay! Commenting is back!


Yes it is, and everyone shall be on their best behaviour and no go off topic.

Tyler and other mods shouldnt have to make any comment hidden.


YESSSSSSS KSAT!!! Best springbreak EVER


Albuquerque?! That’s an awesome place, too bad I can’t come, but you guys have fun with that!


Last time I flew to MMMX, the approach controller goofed up and had me at 500ft AGL at a 5nm final 😬


One of my favorite Texan airports! I’ll defin be controlling there 😉


YES! I love always to see Latin America on the schedule an also like so much flying with Avianca!


Yes! Finally I can fly from my favorite SoCal Airport!


Love that PHX is featured! See you all there!


Looks like a fun and exciting schedule! Can’t wait to participate!


Nice to see San Salvador featured again :)


Awesome schedule!

It’s gonna be great to have ATC when dropping families off at Mickey’s Corporate Office. 😉


I am going to love this schedule especially because this my area were I live


Beautiful! Can’t wait for tuesday


Very interesting schedule! I can’t wait for Tuesday to fly to Luxembourg!


MMMX Interesting.

Just a flat empty expanse (in IF) surrounded in the distance by mountains and you just continue flying until just at the last minute you see the airport.


Don’t get what you mean with flat empty expanse…I think México has an impressive landscape, in real and even in IF… Flat? Maybe you are flying around in another sim…