ATC Schedule • 11-17 Mar 19


Region changes will occur around 0600Z as the previous region’s activity comes to an end.


ATC now features an airport each week! This airport will remain open throughout the entire week except for during the FNF. Each airport featured is one of 2017's busiest airports.

This week’s featured airport is:

Mexico City International Airport [MMMX]

Situated 3 miles east of Downtown Mexico City, MMMX sees 100,000 passengers a day and over 44M each year which makes it the 36th busiest airport in the world. Known for it’s hot temperatures and high altitude, Mexico City International can be a difficult airport to get in and out of, pushing aircraft performance to it’s limits. With 30 domestic and international carriers you’ll have no problem finding a route for you!


Featured Airline: Avianca

Tuesday: Amsterdam (EHAM/KLM B744), Luxembourg (ELLX/Cargolux B748), Frankfurt (EDDF/Lufthansa B748), London Heathrow (EGLL/British Airways B744)
Featured Aircraft: B747

Wednesday: Orlando (KMCO), Miami (KMIA), Oakland (KOAK), Ontario (KONT), San Diego (KSAN)
Featured Airline: Volaris

Thursday: Guangzhou (ZGGG), Beijing (ZBAA), Chongqing (ZUCK), Shanghai (ZSPD), Urumqi (ZWWW)
Featured Airline: China Southern

Friday: Friday Night Flight Community Event

Event details posted on Thursdays

Saturday: Cancun (MMUN), Acapulco (MMAA), Tijuana (MMTJ), Monterrey (MMMY), Chihuahua (MMCU)
Featured Airline: AeroMexico

Sunday: Phoenix (KPHX), Tucson (KTUS), Albuquerque (KABQ), Dallas (KDFW), San Antonio (KSAT)
Featured Airline: American Airlines

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Be sure you enjoy our final day at Istanbul’s new mega-airport with ATC open around the world!

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Very nice schedule Tyler! Good job!


Awesome! Especially for the Latin America.


Hey, the schedule is unlocked!

Very nice schedule, Tyler. Looking forward to this week!


I’m looking forward to Tuesday. I like the idea of a featured aircraft! Awesome schedule!


Amazing!!! See you guys in Mexico City 😍✈️


MMMX should be fun watching approach’s 😏😍⛰


Ohhhh ABQ!!! Thanks Tyler!


Hmm. I am most certainly excited about these! Time to give South America some love!


Be careful on the approach to Mexico City, there are a lot of mountains! Enjoy the flights :)


I have a feeling the new south america scenery is coming this week because of the shedule ;)


China Southern… Avianca… are we expecting
new A333 liveries?? 🤔🤔

Also, love the B747 Day!! 👌


Glad this one is taking us all around the world, from China, to Mexico to the United States and everywhere!


Sadly Ireland isn’t featured for the Saint Patrick’s day event. Well, we’ll go for the today’s schedule. Thanks Tyler for the featured airports this week! 👍


KTUS and KSAT you say. Oh this will be fun.


You would be wrong! :)


OMG! Whaaat…? What Is This? CHIHUAHUA? Who Let The Dogs Out?! 🐩


Oh My, Oh Wow, Tucson, Phoenix, Ontario, Luxembourg!!! 🤯

Boeing 747 Party?? #I’llBeInFrankfurt ✈

AVIANCA!!! South America, Let’s Goooo! 🙋‍♂️

Oh Lord, Such a diverse Schedule. I Need to begin planning immediately, homework can wait. This is too cool to not dive into. Interesting and Very Diverse Schedule indeed 😎


Hi can i ask why EGLL and stuff are showing on expert server today isnt it southern usa states