ATC Schedule • 11-17 February 2019


I just leave my Ipad at hove all day plugged in and go to school while the flight is going on.

If it’s your phone, though, I understand.


When are you coming back to SKBO? Will you do so with the new scenery update?


I’ll be flying EHAM- KLAS With a Generic 777-200LR. Callsign Corporate 772 take off time 2019-02-13T11:00:00Z
Anyone want to fly with me.

PS: you can leave your device plugged in all day


You can just make it an event instead of advertising here ;)


If I had to guess, when the new scenery comes out - South America (as well as Malaysia, Thw Phillipines, Singapore and Indonesia - the other places without 15m scenery) will be the hot spots for a while - just like when we got the scenery for Southern Africa that area was a buzz of activity for a while


Yes anchorage i also live in anchorage so i will be flying there so much in alaska airlines i am also new to the community although i have been playing the game since forever. -FNC13


OOOOOOHHH corporate theme!! Heck yes I’m in!


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You guys should do another ATC fly-out from Cleveland Hopkins. It’s a great airport with many fun routes!


I really don’t understand why tower and approach controllers left Auckland with so much traffic


I have been going around just because of this, wasting one hour more from my ETA, not very nice


Just note that IFATC is a voluntary service and controllers will open when they are available.


The ground controller at YSSY right now, really needs to control ground too.


I’m sorry but I am entitled to constructive criticism.
I understand that controllers have a busy life and all that but you can not have over 30-40 planes approaching an airport and then you vector some planes like 50-60 nautical miles south of the airport and then just zone off. What if somebody has a fuel issue. Not only approach left, TOWER left. And we all know how Auckland’s Airport is, one runway and over 30 planes trying to enter final. There was no ATC for such a long time and I was one of the few patient pilots. Only for an ATC to come in at full landing configuration and says go around, I then enter pattern for over 30 minutes more. YSSY TO Auckland in around two hours with the tailwinds. I had good winds, got there in about two hours, then patterned for 1 hour plus.


We understand your frustration, but unfortunately, as you have stated, IFATC is a non-paid, volunteer organization. Tower and approach at NZAA are not required to do anymore than 1 hour of controlling. None of us purposely leave an airport knowing that there’s a ton of traffic. We do our best to get replacements. If we can’t, then it’s up to the pilots to remain professional despite the fact that ATC isn’t active.



Thank you for reading. I understand you. I just hope in the nearer future, our pilots can be more professional. I mean I saw a plane staying still on the runway and another not going around but landing, ON EXPERT.
But I guess it is what it is


Next time you see that, try to get a screenshot with their name and Callsign, and report it to the moderation team. It should be handled with a ghost. Thanks for remaining professional :)


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It’s only Wednesday. It’s always posted on Thursday and has never been missed. We don’t need to ask on this thread each week, as it sparks off topic comments/discussion.

Moving forward these will be flagged. Thanks!


Ok thanks!