ATC Schedule • 11-17 February 2019


No, I do most of these flights before and after school. I wake up early, go to bed late


As part of IFPHG we fly around a lot in the Philippines and here we are again with RPVM I believe this was the same airport featured last week on Tuesday? If I’m right but during th day and night I never saw anyone controlling RPVM why is this 🤔 ugly scenery?


This schedule is great! I will try to fly a lot this week.


Absolutely, you can depart and land at Saturdays ATC region and hopefully you’ll have ATC on approach :)


Ushuaia,Tierra del feugo province in Argentina should come on this table once it has lots of lovely senery ,love to anchorage on here!


Ready for everything !


Whats corporate


Planes used for business purposes


Can we have an FNF or ATC schedule in Turkey or Russia ? Its a long time ago … i would like to see Istanbul LTBA or LTFM maybe Russia UUEE or another airport :) ✌👨‍✈️


FNF featured Russian and Turkish airports this past week:


Can KSNA take a 747-8 or a 777-200LR


No. The largest plane they service is a 757


Ok, so I have to fly to KLAS for a international flight.


That’s gonna be a wild departure


Yes I’ll be flying NZAA-KLAX-KLAS as is done in the real world


I’ll be flying EHAM- KLAS With a Generic 777-200LR. Callsign Corporate 772 take off time 2019-02-13T11:00:00Z

Also, is the corporate callsign under just Corporate in the callsign list.


I believe so.


Ok, thanks


You want to join me?


Cant. I have school.