ATC Schedule • 11-17 February 2019



Ahh Jesus, I forgot, you’re on your hiatus… 😭😭😭. Rest assured, I’ll fly for you to SEOUL, here I come!!!


I broke my nail typing so faaaast. And I dumped my homework to write an essay of 5 paragraphs about China’s economy thing, idc now, cuz we got CARGO SUNDAY!!!

Land Down Under and NZ @Connor, get out and fly to your beautiful home country!!! 🛫
I’ll be there, you’ll be there, everyone will be there 💙💖

KOREAN AIR, THE PRIDE OF SOUTH KOREA 💖 - Remember how we voted for FNF two weeks ago, well now one of the options get featured all week, Praise to Tyler Shelton my friends.

Let’s go sneaky on Wednesday, High-Class-Security-Confidential-IhaveNoClueWhatI’mTalkingAbout- Corporate… 😎

Swiss, I Like Swiss, You Like Swiss, @DasMarc Loves Switzerland



A nice schedule for my proper return to Global after exams


First of all, I like this change. It means that during the Friday Night Flight, all the focus is on the FNF airport and not the Airport of The Week as well - more fun for the IFATC to endure


Monday: Nice: We haven’t had Peach Aviation Airways as a featured airline for a while - it’ll be cool to see PINK rule the Infinite Flight Japanese skies again. Also, I like the fact you’ve coloured Japan a peach colour on the map - interesting touch.

Tuesday: Good - looking forward to doing some hops back and forth across the Tasman Sea - taking either an advantage or a disadvantage of the often extremely strong winds there.

Wednesday: YES YES YES - we haven’t had a Corporate/General Aviation day for a while now - time to get that TBM-930 back into the spotlight - well for 24 hours.

Thursday: OH YES! Time for some mountain flyin’ and get out that A319 and Q400 for some Alpian beauty flying.

Friday: Obviously FNF, looking forward to seeing what that will be.

Saturday: Ok good, we will have some strong action around the Airport of the Week on that day given it’s in the selected region.

Sunday: WOOHOOO!!! ANOTHER CARGO DAY - I love these - mainly because I am in love with the Cargolux 747-8 Livery - will be doing some flights in that beauty.


My flight schedule will released soon…



I was giggling for about 20 minutes from just this one sentence


I have no time to deal with such matters when we haveso muuuuuch ASIA on the Schedule!!! ❤️❤️

The school work can wait although deadline is tomorrow… but I’m stuck on what to write as there is sooo much so say. Also I’d rather fly to China in IF in the coming week than write this text for school :P


Finally Vienna on the schedule. Thank you Tyler!



Having Australia and New Zealand back on the schedule is amazing! I love flying around the beautiful red outback of Australia to the snowy mountains of Queenstown New Zealand.

Thanks for your hard work Tyler, you’ve impressed yet again!


My Infinite Flight Schedule: 11th-17th February 2019

Sunday 10th:
OMDB-RJAA (Emirates A380-800) (UAE318)

Monday 11th:
RJAA-ROAH (JetStar A320-200) (JJP309)
RAOH-RJBB (Peach A320-200) (APJ220)
RJBB-RJSS (Peach A320-200) (APJ137)
RJSS-RJFF (J-Air CRJ-200) (JLJ3538)
RJFF-RJAA (Peach A320-200) (APJ526)
RJAA-NZAA (Air New Zealand 787-9) (ANZ94)

Tuesday 12th:
NZAA-YSSY (Air New Zealand A320-200) (ANZ711)
YSSY-NZAA (Air New Zealand A320-200) (ANZ708)
NZAA-YBBN (Air New Zealand A320-200) (ANZ827)
YBBN-NZWN (Air New Zealand A320-200) (ANZ828)
NZWN-YMML (Air New Zealand A320-200) (ANZ855)
YMML-KLAX-KLAS (United 787-9, United 737-800) (UAL99, UAL1684)

Wednesday 13th:
KLAS-KSFO-LSZH (United 737-800, Swiss 777-300ER) (UAL2071, SWR39)

Thursday 14th:
LSZH-LSGG (Swiss A321-200) (SWR2816)
LSGG-LOWW (EasyJet A319-100) (EZY1485)
LOWW-EDDT (EasyJet A319-100) (EZY5850)
EDDT-EDDL (EasyJet A319-100) (EZY5515)
EDDL-LSZH (Swiss A321-200) (SWR1027)

Friday 15th:
LSZH-FNF (FNF Specified Aircraft + Livery)
FNF-WSSS (FNF Specified Aircraft + Livery)

Saturday 16th:
WSSS-RPVM (Air Asia A320-200) (APG7237)
RPVM-RCTP (EVA Air A321-200) (EVA282)
RCTP-ZSPD (China Airlines A330-300) (CAL2505)
ZSPD-VTBS (Thai Airways 777-200ER) (THA665)
VTBS-VVNB (Thai Airways 777-200ER) (THA564)
VVNB-PANC (CargoLux 747-8) (BB-CARGO)

Sunday 17th:
PANC-VHHH (CargoLux 747-8) (BB-CARGO)
VHHH-MONHUB (FR24 Specified Aircraft + Livery)


I have just announced the first event of many that I plan to do:


Hey! New Zealand is the only invisible country in the world! Love the schedule Tyler anyways, I’ll plan my routes… :D


How come you get so much time? Are you on holidays? You must be lucky! :)


Great Scheldule Can’t wait to fly after school and Cargo Sunday 😄👌🏼


I’d love to fly the Antonov 124 cargo from anchorage… But that plane is not in IF… Hope for the future, choose a different route… What a nice choice for Sunday btw.



Let’s all celebrate the founding of Japan by flying on Expert today,I’m so happy that Japan is featured on Monday!


Cool Schedule! Too bad I don’t have live (but I will get it sometime in the future). I always see FNF, and I know that it means Friday Night Flight, but I don’t know how it works. Is there no ATC on Friday except for the Featured Airport ATC (I know this week is an exception)? Could someone help explain?


Another amazing schedule as always Tyler. Im looking forward to Wednesday and Sunday!


FNF is basically where a huge airport is featured and ATC is staffed there for the majority of that day.


It’s a fun little community event that is held every Friday. There will be one main airport in focus, regardless of class size. It can be a Bravo or a Delta, doesn’t really matter. ATC will be active on the main airport and may also open airport in the nearby region or continent to spread the traffic. There have been occasions where multiple airports has been featured as well.

All the same rules apply, that means you follow the ATC commands and stay at a safe distance from other aircraft in the area as it is expected to be quite crowded, and ultimately be respectful of other pilots and ATC.

Oh yeah, lastly, have tons fun :D


Idk how you have that much time for that haha


Oh ok many thanks! I’m assuming it can also serve as a departure airport for a friday night flight and then arrive at another ATC controlled airport the next morning?


Ok cool thanks!