ATC Schedule • 10-16 Sep 18


@A320fan Stay tuned 😉


Sure will man can’t wait


Us too! You’ll see myself, Misha and Mark working together a lot more on meshing the events, flash flights and ATC schedules to bring you a more engaging week. We’ll be actively adjusting it all to find what works best and brings you the most enjoyable experience! 🙂


Where is the announcement? It’s 1730z and it’s not posted…


🙄 As stated, Misha will post it soon!


Read before commenting, please. 🙂

It’ll be around 1800Z.


And just to clarify even further, the time was around 1630Z when you posted :)


Sorry, it was a typo.


Good to see some European countries in the Schedule. Looking forward to flying from Italy!



The line up looks good!!


Thank you so much for featuring my favorite airport! I will be all over it on Wednesday;-)


Any IFATC opening OPIS today? If yes, what zulu time ? Looking forward to flying there.


You might want to spawn in now ;)


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Are all those real routes @BennyBoy?


I may be able to answer to your question by saying…: Nope!

Not every route that Benny flies is real, many of them are but some aren’t. There’a couple that are made up routes, so it’s not quote 100% realistic, but is to a certain degree.

It’s not completely unrealistic either… Buuuut a few routes that stick out are, i.e. PIA who doesn’t fly to KSLC… And United does not fly 787-9 there either, on top of all of that, UAL 14 is a 767-400 that flies between Newark and London Heathrow :/


Yes pretty much. I used FlightAware and there are some slight modifications with aircraft and callsigns to make the routes join together, they are pretty much 100% real flights!

@Captain_JR I don’t need you to answer for me lol :)


I try to make my flights as realistic as possible but sometimes that can’t happen.


Come fly UBBB-OIIE in any aisain airline and help get the new guy @CR3W s feet wet!
Looks to be maybe an hour-hour and a half flight!