ATC Schedule • 10-16 Sep 18


that’s what I was thinking every time I played in Spain it seems that they forget Barcelona without offending those who choose atc
It’s been a long time since there was no ATC in LEBL
would do a lot of illusion


Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport is now open. Feel free to use MSY to connect to any other destinations open on the expert server.



Sunday couldn’t be any better. LEMD is compulsory and then we can chose anywhere 😍


Funny how I’m listening to my Hank Williams Pandora Station as I’m flying to the South in IF.


@QantasAviator will love Australia’s featured airports :D


Really amazed and excited for OPIS Islamabad International Airport, Pakistan ! This is a newly built and first ever green field airport in Pakistan inaugrated in May 2018. Finally my country getting some IFC love and recognition ! Looking forward to multiple flights to and from on the day. On behalf of all the Pakistani’s here at IFC, I welcome you all. Have a great time and safe landings. Will be interesting to see how the IFATC controller handles the newly built airport. Cross winds remain 3/4 of the day and the mountainous terrain approach will truly be a challenge for even the experienced pros.


I had a great day with Today’s schedule. It brought back memories from the Florida region, especially at Tampa. I’m on my last leg of the day, FFT1151 MCO-IAD


How many KLMs will we be controlling today?

Can’t wait to see lots of you at EHAM today!!

Your IFATC George Flack


Go away… Lufthansa will prevail today!


Omg there’s actually a user with EDDF as their nickname 😂😂


I hope Friday is going to be something special.


Yes, that’s true. I’m so happy I’m not alone in this request :)


Epic flight? Yes or no?


Whats is the „epic flight“ that we should look out for. It’s Monday now


Just wait for it 😬it’ll come when it comes


Excuse me, I’m pretty new here but I’d like to increase my atc operations, can somebody help me out pls ? 🙏🏻


I will be happy to help out. I will shoot you a PM!


Thanks for helping @Thomas_G


When will the “epic flight” be announced


@MishaCamp will announce. 🙂


Ok thanks can’t wait to fly that’s all