ATC Schedule • 10-16 Sep 18

Come fly UBBB-OIIE in any aisain airline and help get the new guy @CR3W s feet wet!
Looks to be maybe an hour-hour and a half flight!


Salt lake city gates are busy


Can’t wait to fly a Carravan or Cirrus from Albury to Wagga Wagga on Thursday, both beautiful little airports!

I want to thank all of the people who controlled at KBZN (my home airport) today, I’ve never seen it so busy!


I have requested to taxi twice in Zurich no answer and I want to taxi to runway 16 not 28 it’s way to short I am heavy

He is telling them to taxi but ignoring me

The controller is @Chris_Hoover. But before shooting him a PM I suggest you take a look at the traffic on ground. There are 104 inbounds and with no approach is difficult to deal with everyone in the airspace all alone. Until someone opens Ground to help him manage all this traffic, i am afraid you have to be a bit more patient! And please, do not spam the frequency by requesting multiple times to taxi. The controller is there and he will contact you!

Zurich was super busy today. I’m sure @Chris_Hoover didn’t intentionally ignore you.

If you saw the picture of him controlling, you would understand it. + He had no APPR or DEP, and was doing ATIS, Ground and Tower all at once


There is probably a lot of traffic usually when that happens that’s the case so hang tight mate☺


Like @Thomas_G and @CR3W said perfectly, I had no approach on the frequency, and 30 aircraft calling in to me at a time. 13 aircraft on ground requesting this and that at a time. It is unfair to me for you to get mad at me in this situation.

Regarding what you requested, it was probably a fat finger mistake. As I said the frequency was busy so I was rushing to get ground requests done so I could then focus on tower.

I’m sorry to everyone at LSZH during the past hour if you have found my service below standards. However I do ask you show mercy as it’s not easy for one person to handle 50 aircraft at a time. Thank you, and happy flying.


I think you should be provided with help if there’s that much traffic it’s almost impossible to be doing all that no worries

It all depends on who’s available and who’s qualified for what. We all have things to do outside of controlling, so it isn’t as easy as it seems to continually staff airports. If you would like, you can come and join the effort by clicking here.

If you have any further questions, comments, concerns or inquires in general, feel free to PM myself and I will gladly answer anything you need me to.


I respect you sorry if I have come across as impatient I have just realized you where on both frequency’s which is seriously stressful and so much traffic inbound 👍🏻

On final in Switzerland!image


I currently have my template for planning my flight schedule up and ready to receive the NEW ATC Schedule. I really hope this one blows our expectations as well.

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It’s a whole week in Antarctica! Can’t wait 😀

Okay, so maybe we aren’t going that far south… I’ll post later!


Awesome!!! :)

So that might mean we are getting South America and South Africa again…YAY!!

Does later mean ‘in the next hour’, or ‘in the next few hours’ or ‘in like 12 hours’??

Later, like 4-5 hours. Sunday’s schedule just started. It can be confusing if the new one is posted too early. I generally post about the same time every Sunday… typically evening here, though it may change when I return to the US.

This week will be a good one. 🙂


Oh,…here comes the new schedule

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