ATC sanctions

Good morning,

Yesterday I made a flight and had problems with the internet connection. Last night enter the platform again and I appear in Grade 2 having already achieved grade 3.

Could you explain how it decreases in grade? Could it be explained as abuses of the power of the air traffic controller in those moments?

He would have the ATC sufficient criteria to determine with what right it diminishes the degree to a player, being also one more player of the platform.

Who suspends an ATC when they do not do their job well?

My call sign is Avianca 285 Super and I flew on the expert server leaving from the YSNW airport to the YSCB in Kuala Lumpur.

I request the favor be reconsidered the decision and give me back my degree of experience.


Please read this, and then think about why you think the ATC is to blame when you were the one having issues with your connection.