There is an issue with the San Diego ATC. It shows that has ground, tower, and approach active, but none of them are responding. There are about 30 aircraft in the area, and I had to go around three times before I diverted to LAX. It’s chaos in San Diego. HELP! Also, how do you report the people to are running the ATC system. They are ignoring calls!


If this is on training server, there is unfortunately nothing that can be done.

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Yes, it is training server. Why can nothing be done?

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If this is the TS, then nothing can be done. However, if this wasn’t, try tuning out and tuning back in to the frequency.

The training server is for people to learn the ropes; thus, inexperience is expected, and it wouldn’t be fair for them to be punished for trying to learn the ropes.

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because it’s a learning environment and trolls will be there. there are people trying to learn but there are also trolls which ruin the game. if you want a better experience, I recommend joining IFATC.

Wait a minute, I can be an ATC. How??

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They’ll get kicked from their freq for inactivity after a while by the system.

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You select Air Traffic Control from the main menu then training server

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If you apply to IFATC for the expert server then look under the ATC category

There have been instances that I’ve had before where I’d click tune in, but nothing I sent would go through, but once I tune back out and in, everything is fine. This could be another possible reason why OP didn’t get a response

Oh wow! Cool! Thanks for that interesting info. Thanks for the quick solution everyone!

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If you want to be ATC on the expert server, you’ll have to go through a recruiting and testing process, which you can find under the ATC category of this forum. Happy flying.

Here’s your info for expert server, if you’d like to apply make sure you have all of the requirements!

I’m a pretty good pilot to begin with. 0 violations, so I’ll get to expert very soon.

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In the meantime, familiarize yourself with the procedures for ATC and work on the training server. I look forward to seeing you in the skies!

Thanks. You too

Thanks for the report. We took care of it.