ATC said aircraft too large for this airport


In real life during the masters golf tournament DL uses the 757

This occurred in the Expert Server today.

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Then just change the plane please. If ATC says it’s too large, then it’s too big for the airport. Also you should contact the controller next time. :)


What server was this? If it was Training they may be new, but if expert than I would change it


Contact @Liam_Kirk
I believe that is him

You are correct @Delta767 , I’ve alerted the controller.


Honestly a 757 should be good to go, size restrictions are usually capped at that exact plane.

But…ATC is the boss.

He’s now allowing them. :)


Hey @Delta767 I checked this website to checked to see what the max aircraft size was and it said Class C which is only A321,737, Dash-8 and Embraers so that is why I said that they aircraft is too large. Sorry for any confusion I was just following the resources I had.


That’s website looks cool, and new. Never heard of it before, I didnt know that it laid out size restrictions btw.

It’s one of many resources that can be used, it’s limited when it comes to gate restrictions and shouldn’t be used as the main/only resource due to it’s limitations.


Are there any other tools that can be used for gate size restrictions?

Honestly somthing like that would really help us not waste time flying to an airport we cant land at.

These are a few I use:

Then I try to spawn in different sized aircraft and taxi around on solo to see if different aircraft’s wingspan meets the taxiway requirements for the airport.

If I have any doubts or can’t find specific information, then Google.


No worries, I’m NOT mad, and don’t worry about it; no need to apologize… I hope you understand that I respect & I’m thankful for all of the ATCs. You all volunteer your time & I am very grateful. Normally only a few people would normally know that (I’m a Delta freak, lol). I changed it to a B717 (which in real life they are using too) and still enjoyed my flight. I look forward to the next time you are my ATC. Keep up the great work. Again, on a side note thank you to all ATC. You are awesome!


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