ATC SACO tower is not showing

The tower is calling, but the tower contact does not appear.



The controller is attempting to resolve the issue as there are suspicions that it’s on his end. In the meantime, could you try turning on airplane mode for 30 seconds and then turning it back off?


still continues. He’s calling me and I’m scared of a ghost.

@Ethan_C if u are seeing me can i go down on unicon?

If it still doesn’t work, change your callsign to “NORDO” to let the controller know. Do your best to maintain spacing and keep with the traffic flow in the meantime. Don’t worry about being ghosted, if you do it the ghost will be reversed as it’s not your fault.

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Try turning off all connections, similarly like above until all surrounding aircraft disappear.
Then turn back on. This should fix it.

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Came back here friend. Thank you

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No problem. It’s happening a lot recently and you just have to reset the server connection on your device. Fairly simple.

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